Winners by 7 Seconds Of Love, — Interesting MTV bypass. Here’s the future of music promotion. In this case it’s Joel Veitch and the 7 Seconds of Love British Ska band with a nice tune (if you like Ska) and a mediocre flash animation. The whole thing substitutes for a rock video and forces you to listen to the whole song. Moderately cute, very effective.

  1. Pat says:

    All that running and the singer didn’t even get winded.

    WOW ! (or MEOW)

    Yup, good production. Didn’t care for the music but combined with the animation it was pretty decent.

  2. Hank says:

    Most (all, really) of the flash annimations I’ve seen are so dumb that aren’t worth the download time. The poor quality made it hard to believe the hype about the new graphics medium.

    But not this one!

    It was worth it, even at 33.6 half way around the globe. Good work.

  3. Nathan says:

    This Video is cool! THe music was really good. I found that you can download it from their site. All of their videos and songs are worth it.

    WOW! is what i thought when i heard these guys. They should have an album! I must have listened to it at least 20 times! The other two were great also!

    Out of all the flash animations ive seen this is one of the top 10. Animation was pretty amazing. Really good as of towards my review. This ska music is the best. Really Nice.

  4. Brad says:

    I went and saw these guys live in Brighton last weekend. They were third from the end, but by far the best band there. Loads of dancing, loads of fun. Best thing I’ve seen in years.

    Definitely a big Ska band of the future.

  5. Doc in Mendocino, Ca. says:

    “Mediocre Flash Animation”? Bollocks! The piece is stellar. I Love it, my mates Love it, THE WORLD LOVES IT! Cute? Yes. These guys are guilty as charged. But, hey, the world could use a bit of cute next to the mayhem just to smooth out the jagged and dangerous edges.


  6. Paul says:

    As I did a search on Morris dancing (seriously!), I cnanced upon this nonsense. What? Yes, nonsense. Holy shit! No, holy nonsense. Love it. Great music, oh yes, ska hey?- refreshing new sound, that is-like the techno, too. And the animations are super: simple and great support to the music. I’ll forward the site to the Jockey Men’s Morris Dance group, Morris is alive and well!

  7. Craig says:

    These guys are amazing, im addicted to their songs already, HAPPY TUNES! U gotta love their new one, (“I wanna flip out like a ninja”) i have to see these guys play!

  8. Brandon says:

    yeah, i’ve been a fan of their site now for a few years. i wasn’t to sure if i was happy about them making an actual band at first but now i can’t stop listening to them. if you go to their site you can download other songs of theirs that don’t have vids. or you could watch the sponge mokeys… or blode…. but either way, i love this band a lot.

  9. I first heard about these guys from the guys of the Dragonpage – Wingin’ it podcast ( They use “The first drink of the day” as intro tune for just that: the first drink of the day.

    I got curious about the rest of their music and must say that it’s awesome! Immediately bought a few shirts to support them and to thank them for the free downloads of their songs.


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