Hey, at least they didn’t shoot her!

CNN.com – Woman gives birth in car before police pull her over at gunpoint – Mar 31, 2005 — Another tale of the Keystone Kops. What is wrong with these people?

KETTERING, Ohio (AP) — A woman rushing to a hospital to give birth hit a few stops along the way — first at a gas station where she delivered the baby herself, then when confused police ordered her out of the car at gunpoint.

A customer at the gas station in suburban Dayton tried to give police a heads-up about Coleman’s situation, but a mix-up involving the license plate number had them thinking the van was stolen.

What aspect of the wordage “Having a baby” don’t you understand?

via K. Burel

  1. RonD says:

    “Officers sent Coleman on and let the hospital know she was coming”.

    What? They didn’t give her a police escort to the hospital?


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