The future– circa 1965

Peel — Worth revisiting, no?

The Peel 50 had no reverse gear, but at just 59kg (132lb) it was light enough to park manually using the handle provided at the rear of the vehicle.

Peel also produced a two seater 3-wheeler called the Peel Trident which also featured a clear “bubble top”. Approximately 100 of each model were produced until the company ceased manufacture in 1965.

By the way, the site(above) is dedicated to crackpot three-wheeled cars.

  1. Ed Campbell says:

    The blue one, below, looks like a Reliant. I forget what a whole class of these were called in the UK; but, they were sold as vehicles for handicapped drivers. Their inherent imbalance actually killed more handicapped drivers than “normal” cars.

    The Peel, though, reminds me of a much better design — really fun to drive and fast enough to get you in serious trouble — from Isotta-Franchini.

    That, in turn, sparked a whole cartoon series in Road & Track about a mythical tiny car made from Cinzano signs!

  2. Sam Saunders says:

    Yes, it’s a Robin Reliant, however not sold as a vehicle for the handicaped. There was a simular “car” that filled this function and had no passenger space and was utter crap. The Reliant had the advantage that it could be drivern with a motor cycle lisence, much easer to get than a regular driving licencs ,but it was also crap

  3. Ima Fish says:

    Cars like that would be great, but they’d be too dangerous on our roads (in the US at least) unless everyone drove them. I’d hate to see the remains after an accident between one of those and a 3/4 ton Dodge truck.

  4. Rick Fried says:

    Of course the micro-cars had no reverse, they were licenced as motocycles (so that they can be taxed at a lower rate in post WWII UK)
    Here in the states, (ok, California) you may see more 3 wheelers, because as motocycles, they can be driven in car-pool lanes! Think about that one!

  5. MikA says:

    I owned a reliant 3 wheeler for a couple of years. You learn about living on the edge in one of those babies.

  6. Allan says:

    When I win the California Lottery, I’m going to get an Ecomobile.


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