He takes the sign from the catcher..

Gets ready..

Goes into his windup..

He delivers!

Time slices taken from this last week’s Bill Maher Show on HBO.

Is it only Republicans who have expressive faces? Not since I posted the Giuliani pics (here) have I seen anything like this. Here is Alan Simpson, former Wyoming Senator, making grimaces then giving the finger to the media! Yes!

  1. This man needs a Pruine Juice STAT!

    I’m glad hes out of office.

  2. Richard says:

    DAMM, Who Cut the cheese!

  3. Maybe he is really giving a cabby the finger and his mind has just caught up to his body!?

    Makes you really believe these folks are all about representing the average Amercian… for sure!

  4. Robert Blanchette says:

    I love it! We need more politicians like him. I’d rather have a cranky SOB like him than the pathetic suck-ups we have instead.


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