Computer history for 1990 – 2000

I collect timelines whcih I use for research. Here is a Computer History timeline I haven’t seen before. Lot’s of interesting factoids. Worth a bookmark.

  1. This is really good.
    So much happened during this time line. I wouldn’t know where to begin
    What about
    Cornell Chello browser,
    Cornell CU SEE ME
    Ashton Tate? Dbase, Borland’s Paradox,
    Word Perfect, Phil Katz Pkzip
    Computer Shopper, Byte Magazine.
    Internet world,
    PC Expo, Comdex
    Spencer the Kat
    And John Dvoraks yearly Beer Bash

  2. Tomas42064 says:

    This is just a reminder at how fast our new world moves.
    At one time I could keep up with this new technology and now I am lost in the blur.
    This is truly amazing.

  3. Tomas42064 says:

    When was IE released?


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