jkOnTheRun: FCC pics of the IBM Thinkpad Tablet PC — Great find by blogger.

You’ve got to love the FCC when you’re craving information for rumored devices and these pics found on the FCC site depict an IBM Thinkpad X41 Tablet PC. No real surprises in these pics, the depicted Tablet looks just like a Thinkpad. Looks like it has Bluetooth and a dual antenna WiFi. Except, of course, for the swivel screen. :)

  1. Miguel Lopes says:

    I’m still a fan of Tablets, though I never used one – maybe that’s why I’m still a fan. For extended text entry a keyboard is necessary, but I don’t really tink this convertible laptop concept is very good, judging by the numbers of malfunctions they have. Maybe a better idea would be a plain tablet with a small bluetooth keyboard, or even a wired one that could be attached to the back of the screen when not in use. Just a thought.

    As it is I don’t really think IBM is being innovative – it’s just anorther me-too product, it seems.

  2. I’ve never been much of a fan of tablet PCs but only because I can hold a laptop like a tablet quite comfortably.

    Give me a normal laptop with a touchscreen and included stylus and you’ve satisfied my needs perfectly. Just be sure to give me a TouchPoint(tm) micro-joystick and no touchpad. The last time I used one of those things, I had to tape a piece of greeting card over the pad (and connect an external mouse) to get any work done.

  3. roborob says:

    It’s all what you’re used to. Lots of people can’t use the eraserhead touchpoint. But consider this, if you’re actually a pretty good typist: It’s the ONLY pointing device you can use without taking your fingers off the keyboard. Once you’re used to it, you’re way faster than someone reaching for the mouse or fingering the touchpad.


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