Daily Wireless – Belair Does London Hot Zone — Free Wifi in London borough. This will be a trend I can only hope.

  1. Ed Campell says:


    Actually, about 80% of the hot spots, here in Santa Fe, are free. Though, all are pretty much short range.

    It’s been about a year since my last turn around town, war-driving. Time to take a look, again.

  2. Jim Dermitt says:

    The UK has been moved. I guess this explains why they needed to go wireless.

    Google is charting the new mobile UK with Google Maps.
    The brave new Google world map is here:

    Funny stuff. Maybe they can move the UK down to offshore Florida. I wouldn’t get too close to Boston Harbor.

  3. Jim Dermitt says:

    Yep, the UK is now offshore, near Florida. I’m charting this development.

    Verizon just terminated their free wifi in NYC according to a story I read yesterday. The have plans for a new cell wireless network. With public wifi you can’t make free local calls. I understand you can make free international calls with VOIP. That seems strange. Maybe we’ll see voice over Wimax and local calls will be free. It’s just talk and talk is supposed to be cheap. Go figure. Maybe there will be pay-less phones and you won’t need change to make a local call. This is getting to be like terror by cellphone.


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