FAIRFIELD / Injured Canada geese to be moved to sanctuary today / State investigating whether residents ate birds’ meat, eggs — Gee eating the eggs of poultry. And then eating poultry. Delicious goose, no less. This is terrible. Please go back to feeding these people Soylent Green! [sarcasm/off]

Everyone is so up in arms over this and it amazes me. In most places this would be considered gourmet fare and a creative way to stretch the budget. Maybe Fish & Game has a complaint. But I’m sure the people who got this food weren’t complaining. Folks, geese are food! HELLO! How did the vegans get so influential here?

The wild Canada geese of Loomis were resting comfortably Thursday at a Fairfield rescue center and preparing for today’s journey to a sanctuary.

Unfortunately, it won’t be a winged migration. They’re traveling by truck.

At B&J Duck Haven in Jamestown (Tuolumne County), the 21 wounded geese will hang out on a 3-acre piece of real estate with eight ponds and 500 other birds, from ducks to chickens to a pair of white swans that were causing trouble at Danville’s Blackhawk Country Club.

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Good recipes for roast goose:
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  1. Ima Fish says:

    I can only hope that I can retire to a place that serves roast goose!

  2. Michael Cuthbertson says:

    Yah, goose is good but we have these rules over here about not eating the scenery.
    Looks like you have some nice goose recipes here John, but how did this guy prepare it?
    My guess is goose a’ la Goulash and that’s why they’re really after him.
    So now the fish and game and the food police are on this dope.
    Next, PETA will be running around stenciling Not For Lunch
    on all our pets and other tame critters.
    Talk about your unintended consequences.

  3. Jim Dermitt says:

    There are geese from Canada and New Jersey is south to them. That’s where they go for the winter. Remember that animals aren’t vegitarians either. I saw a wolf eating some meat on National Geographic Explorer.
    Maybe these people can go protest the wolves eating other animals. They won’t care and they might eat the people protesting. All of which is fine with me. Laughable!

  4. meetsy says:

    yeah, but it’s goose BREEDING SEASON, and off limits to hunters. Plus this guy was trapping them, and then cutting off their wings….(but not kiling them outright). Who knows….maybe he had a recipe for goose WING stew…
    Hunting season is during the FALL Migration, not in spring….
    And, these are WILD GEESE..not like the guy couldn’t have bought a dozen or so domestic gozlings (at 5 bucks a pop) and raised them himself….and then offed them (which would have been legal). No, instead he traps them from the local lake…. which is illegal, snaps off their wings (??? freako) and then kept them for who knows how long in a small enclosure until he decided to whack and cook.. He didn’t even have a hunting license!!
    I think the guy should be fried in oil…. wild geese during breeding season is NOT okay.
    It’s not like it’s that difficult to raise poultry….. geez.

  5. site admin says:


  6. Steve says:

    I liked this quote by Wildlife Dept. officia Mark Jeter:

    “It looks like somebody had been butchering cattle there — it was just covered in blood and feathers,” he said.

    I don’t know much about butchering cattle, but I highly doubt there’s many feathers involved.

  7. N. Thomas says:

    Killing Canada Geese is a crown/federal offense in Canada, and is a criminal offense in the US as well.

    See: “Migratory Bird Treaty Act (1918)”

  8. Jim Dermitt says:

    I think the guy should be fried in oil…–meetsy

    Frying guys in oil? This sounds different. Maybe everybody should write congress and we can have a new law making frying guys in oil legal or maybe not. Can we fry gals in oil too or will N.O.W. protest that?

    You can’t say civilization isn’t advancing; in every war they kill you in a new way.–Will Rogers

    You get the real wacko comments here John. Funny stuff!

  9. Mike Voice says:

    I don’t mind hunting, when it is done legally, but this guy seems like he should be one of the patients at his own “residential care facility for dementia patients“.

    On the other hand, this reminds me of some pet-loving people being “outraged” when Michael Moore’s movie “Roger & Me” came out. The segement on a woman raising rabbits for sale – pet or meal, your choice – had some vocal opponents to “murdering bunnies”. As if Elmer Fudd was the only guy who ever wanted to eat rabbit. 🙂

  10. Martin Thomas says:

    I like birds…they taste good.

  11. Pat says:

    Canada Geese. GREAT !!!

    In fact, they are so great that they named a country after them.

    OK, enough of the nice stuff and lets get into the actual true stuff. Canada Geese are scourge and quite a few people would be much happier ONLY seeing them in a picture on the wall. Especially if the picture is in someone else’s home.

    Many waterfront parks have been taken over by Canada Geese. Their feces resemble dog feces in both size and texture. And Canada Geese can poop !!! They apparently like the grass grown in parks as it is nutritious. They are very vicious and will attack humans and dogs. Sometimes their concentration is so great that their feces pollute swimming beaches making unusable. They end result is the loss of park space to the “sacred” Canada Goose.

    The biggest problem is they are a protected species. I also understand that there are more then 30 varieties of Canada Goose and not all of them tolerate human habitation. And, some tolerate degrees of humans. Some of the human varieties will winter year round in the northern climes. Around humans they have no predators and so have a low death rate and high rate of propagation. Their populations have grown out of control in many areas.

    To combat the overpopulation, park management has been forced to become inventive. Since the mature birds cannot be touched, the eggs are painted with oil, which stops the embryos from growing. Or, they are captured and moved to another location. As mentioned earlier, Canada Geese will attack people, so this moving can be hazardous.

    As for frying them in oil, I think most fowl is batter baked. They be a part of nature, but so is the Norwegian Rat.

    Cook ‘em I say. But pluck and clean ‘em first.

  12. meetsy says:

    Why didn’t the guy trap and cook RAT? No one would complain…..and it tastes just like chicken…(or so I’ve been told).

  13. scooter says:

    hey guys the birds are cool untill you see young kids chased by geese or your house has a fly problem that is so intolerable you have to move.

  14. Jones says:

    I wish one would attack me, I’d kick it in it the beak then grab it by its flimsy neck and have some nice greasy crockpot stew.

  15. Tom says:

    I have a problem with their poop.
    They congregate on the walking bridge over my fish pond, and leave a pile of turds behind like land mines.
    They leave a trail of turds the size of my family dog’s behind, a royal pain to clean up.
    The dog has more class!

  16. betsy stanton says:

    I have an injured [broken wing] Canadian goose on my lake. Can it be helped?

  17. Zac Magnum says:

    Wow some people. . . you guys are weird. Birds are cool, I feed them and sometimes they attack me, but hey I have to understand that this is their nature. I pollute the planet and i shit and it goes down some drain and into rivers. I drive an SUV and put greenhouse gases in the air. I will have kids some day adding to the population problem of the world. I think I have the right to not be hated and killed for food by such indignant people such as yourselves.
    Do you think I have the right to kill you because your nature conflicts with how I want life to be? You using your computer, or any other appliance, and living on land that I could use for my own benefits wouldn’t be such a problem if i implemented some population control on you. Meh, I say you live even though you are a fat slob who isn’t contributing anything to society.


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