Pasadena Star-News – News — They may think this is a big joke or cute marketing ploy, but when Latino activists are saying that they intend to make LA part of Mexico it becomes black humor — or a coded message of assurance. “Hey, we’re here to help you!”

A series of billboards advertising a Spanish-language television broadcast is raising the ire of illegal-immigration opponents, but the station sponsoring the ads says they are simply meant to appeal to an audience.

The billboard for Noticias 62 found in several San Gabriel Valley locations depicts two newscasters posed in front of the Los Angeles skyline with “Los Angeles, CA” written above their heads.

The “CA” is crossed off and “Mexico” rewritten in bold, red letters.

A prominent statue in the center of the billboard is the Angel of Independence, a popular tourist attraction in Mexico City.

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  1. Ima Fish says:

    What would these Latino activists do with southern california once they get it? They already have cities in Mexico. Why not work and improve those before destroying ours?!

  2. Jim Dermitt says:

    If Mexico is that great, why not just go to Mexico?

    This sort of stuff seems warped. We have a lot of Irish around here, but we aren’t putting up signs all over the place and trying to pretend we are in Dublin or Belfast. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. I guess this is some sort of public relations idea or something. I don’t like billboards, they are just corporate message propaganda. If I see something on a billboard I just boycott it. If they need a billboard, I figure it must not be that great. With a newspaper ad, I can learn about it and maybe get a coupon to clip. The web-print ad is even better, if done professionally. Distracting motorists with these huge signs seems kind of dumb when you stop to think about it. I think they got most of this crap out of Cape Cod years ago. The whole Cape was going honkey tonk. Some guy even had a billboard out in the ocean on a boat and called it a boatboard. I think it sunk.

    Don’t look at the road, read the sign dummies. CRASH!!!

  3. Scott says:

    A large pic is available at:

  4. meetsy says:

    I’m not amused. I recently had a store clerk not address me in ENGLISH at all…..kept repeating what I said in English in Spanish, and asking me to respond in Spanish. Pissed me off. Like I need a language lesson to buy some hardware. Geez, get off the burro, Juan.
    I am getting sick of the arrogance.
    Of course, I asked the clerk “What country am I in” and he replied “America’, I said, “exactly. Now speak to me in English”. When he didn’t I walked out. No English, no purchase.
    (BTW..this was a large chain hardware store.)

  5. Bryan says:

    I live in So Cal, and this is really becoming a problem.

    Anyone who points it out publicly is labelled a racist.

    But it shows that Mexico has a real problem

    Their people are willing to risk death coming to a foreign country to work for substandard wages. Why? What is wrong with Mexico. Why do their people want to come here to work for $3/hr doing back breaking work?

    I think that says something about Mexico, and the state of things there.

  6. site admin says:

    Thanks Scott.

  7. jojo says:

    Well, we took CA from them a while back, didn’t we? Now they want it back. Hmmm. Next thing you know the Iraqi’s will want their country back also. Damm ingrates. [lol]

  8. Bruce says:

    So let’s say that these Mexican activists get their way and this part of the country is returned to Mexico. All of the US citizens would assumably become Mexican citizans overnight. As such, would they suddenly no longer be eligable for all of the rights and benefits afforded by the US government? Social Security? Nope. Minimum wage? Sorry, that’s a US law!

    Once folks realize that all of the things that made the Mexicans come over here in the first place would go away, I think that any “public” support for this nonsens would evaporate.

  9. meetsy says:

    Some of California was owned by the Russians (…Extreme North area)…who took it, fair and square from the Indians, just like the Mexicans did.

  10. Scott says:

    LA liberated from Mexico:

  11. Brian O Grady says:

    If this had been a billboard in Boston for an Irish Issues Newpaper
    with the words Boston, MA with MA crossed out and Ireland put in its place, then people would have smiled and thought it was cute.

    The only reason people are reacting to this billboard is that there is some truth behind it that scares people.

  12. VIC says:

    Uh, people, its a BILLBOARD!!! If you guys get worked up on a BILLBOARD!! Then something is wrong with you.

  13. Techniac says:

    This is what’s comming ….there is nothing wrong with defending America from the illegal alien mobs ,take a look at the vidio in link.

    Yes time to pay attention.

  14. DavidZ says:

    Yeah… great. When my Great-Great Grandparents came to the US from Russia, they didn’t try to turn NYC into Little Russia. They worked hard and went to night school to learn English. YES! They learned to speak English.

    If a billboard went up in a large Mexican city that said the city was now part of the U.S.A., don’t you think it would cause an uproar?!?!

    Same with Canada or anyplace else. Take pride that you are an American.

  15. Peter Dakoglou says:

    It’s a fact of history that before 1845 California, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and Southern Colorado belonged to Mexico. It was the mythical nation of Aztlan and the Aztecs for many centuries.
    For the majority of Mexicans their land was stolen.
    When you talk about of illegal immigrants, these people say they go home to Los Angeles, San Diego,Santa Monica, Santa Barbara
    I know all about the annexation of Texas , the Mexico- U.S.A war and the treaty, but you can’t change history.
    The irony is U.S.A is trying to change the Greek history , giving Slavs the recognition to use the northern part of Greece name Macedonia for their country, and Alexander the Great and symbols as theirs.
    Shame on you!!!
    Macedonia was Greek and Alexander the great spoke a Greek dialect,
    not slav, all ancient written Macedonian are Greek and visitors can see them in the museums and king Philip’s (Alexander’s father) golden tomb is in Pella ( ancient capital) Greek Macedonia.
    As historian this is my job to educate people.


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