Schwarzenegger praises Arizona border volunteers — What is wrong with the Democrat party? Schwarzenegger obviously aware that the Feds are going to do nothing to help California in any way has broken from the Bush pro-illegal alien scheme. He knows that we are losing money by the truckloads because of the illegals (as mentioned in this post). So what do the Democrats do? They get on his case and cite Bush policy! Do these people have any clue at at all? It’s ridiculous.

LOS ANGELES – Weighing in again on illegal immigration, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said Thursday that volunteers patrolling the Mexican border have “done a terrific job,” and called for the removal of a Spanish-language TV station’s provocative billboards.

Schwarzenegger, speaking to talk radio hosts known for criticizing and campaigning against illegal immigration, said the Minuteman Project in Arizona had been successful in securing the border.

“I think they’ve done a terrific job, and look, they’ve cut down the crossing of illegal immigrants by a huge percentage,” the governor said. “It just shows that it works when you go and make an effort. … I mean it’s a doable thing, and it’s just that the federal government is not doing their job.”

The Republican governor’s comments came a week after he faced a barrage of criticism for telling a gathering of newspaper publishers that the United States needed to “close the borders.” He apologized the next day, blaming his faulty English.

California Democrats blasted the governor’s remarks, noting that President Bush has called the Arizona volunteers “vigilantes.”

  1. Anthony says:

    Yet another reason why Arnold would make a much better President then Bush (For the record I’m Republican).

  2. Robert Blanchette says:

    Bravo Arnold! Maybe he could talk to our nitwit governor, Janet Napolitano. She doesn’t like the Minutemen. She likes to complain about the immigration problem but does nothing to fix it.

    Oh yeah, we had another high speed chase today. A guy carrying 4 illegals was doing 110mph on the freeway at 11am.
    Thankfully nobody was hurt. Not that it would have mattered if someone was. The politicians still won’t do anything about it.

  3. Mr. Mustard says:

    Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as that. While there are many good reasons for stopping the influx of illegal aliens into the U.S., financial considerations are not at the top of that list. “Undocumented workers” contribute ENORMOUS sums to the American budget via Social Security witholding. This money is a FREEBIE to the U.S., as it is credited to bogus SS numbers, and the workers will never receive benefits based on these contributions. If it weren’t for this windfall from the illegals, Social Security would be in a lot worse shape than it is now.

  4. Frank IBC says:

    BTW, I think Operation Minuteman is a good thing. My issue is that far too few good hard-working immigrants are given the visas they (and the American economy) need, and too many criminals and terrorists are able to get in.

  5. Ed Campell says:

    I decided to stay registered as Democrat [for the first time in my life] till we get through the next round of Congressional elections — on the off chance they might [1] have enough smarts to stop being Republikan-lite; [2] enough integrity to look around at the challenges working folks face — and fight on our behalf; and [3] enough courage the carry the work forward begun by grassroots folks who, in opposing the neo-cons, organized, registered and mobilized the unregistered in quantities matching Republikan efforts among the Xhristian crusaders.

    The story of the last election, after all, was what the Democrats didn’t do — or even try to do.

    I’m beginning to wonder if I’m just wasting time. Yes, there are decent, honest, grassroots Dems I can support, locally. But, I can do that without wading hip-deep in the same kind of power-broker lawyers, opportunist and vacuous dolts who figure on getting an extra squeak of political power by pandering to the same stupidity and backwards tripe — that Rove and Bush do better!

  6. dave says:

    I’m sorry, I’m just jumping on your blog to tell you that your article on the gaming industry is possibly the worst I’ve ever read.

    The fact that you don’t recognize Starship Troopers as black comedy is beyond me. Remember, this is a movie from the same guy that made Robocop. While action based, those movies are most definitely satires about a promised future.

    Even if that wasn’t the case you mention that “nothing came of it after its release”, but somehow I guess you forgot the sequel, videogames and animated TV shows. Not that I’m saying either is any good, they are horrible, but they were spawns of that movie.

    As for the death of the gaming industry… good god man, have you not seen the sales charts these days? While I *might* agree that their aren’t as many ideas in gaming (fellini said the same of film and then created the mockumentary) the industry isn’t going anywhere.

    I’ve never seen such bad opinion by an obviously out of touch old man who misses his 286. You probably didn’t see much future in talkies when the jazz singer came out either.

  7. Tomas42064 says:

    The Minutemen could start building that Great Wall across the California and other state borders something similar to the Great Wall of China or maybe like the Berlin Wall.
    They are already there and if they rolled up their sleeves and got some mortar and made some brick and help from the California government they could have a nice big wall up in no time. They could house the Minutemen in the wall.

  8. site admin says:

    Back to Post #3 here ( why is there some guy bitching about game columns in this post?)

    Let me ask Mr. Mustard about this. Have you ever hired an illegal? Or know ANYTHING at all? Most crews work for CASH. Hello!!! ZIP goes into social security. These guys work cheap but they ain’t stupid!

  9. jojo says:

    Dems & ‘Pubs are both the same. Very little distinction between them anymore. I don’t agree with everything Arnold does (I did vote for him in the recall) but at least he is willing to stand up and take a stand.

    I think TPTB are going to find a groundswell in 3rd party candidates and voting come the next Congressional and National elections. The time has come to take back this country from the corporations and special interests!

  10. Ed Campbell says:

    Just to add another anecdotal jot to John’s Post #8:

    Spend some time on a Friday afternoon, lurking near the Supermarket branch banks so conveniently provided by the national chains. If your town or city is anything like mine, the preponderance of folks walking up to the counter will be buying money orders with cash — to be sent back home to Durango or Chihuahua or whichever province really is home.

    Yes, there are millions sitting in the SSA pool ready to be claimed. A pittance compared to the numbers stolen by the crooks in Congress and the White House to maintain everything from voodoo economics to the new Thousand-Year Reich. The solutions to that problem aren’t especially demanding and certainly don’t require SSA’s destruction through privatization to please Bush’s country club buddies.

    Let’s say it, again — NO new laws are required! Employing illegals is against the law. Crossing the border without a visa is against the law. When government chooses to selectively enforce the law to benefit special interests, that’s properly termed corruption. Throw the bums out!

  11. Jim Dermitt says:

    What is wrong with the Democrat party?

    Which one? We must have at least 4 or 5 Democratic parties in my area. Go to a Democratic function and you will see this sort of thing in action. Each group can be detected according to what they are drinking. You have the beer or brewski dems, the bourbon dems, the shot and beer dems (usually these guys are labor dems too), dry dems, Coke dems and diet Coke dems. The dry dems are sometimes coffee dems and then there are the decaf and regular coffee dems. One group uses cream and sugar and then there are the black coffee dems. There is one group of dems that will serve beer in a church hall and think that because it’s full of Democrats it’s no longer a church, it’s a temporary party headquarters. Most of these dems won’t serve beer in the temple of labor (union hall) though. There are also the firehouse dems.

    “Why don’t they pass a constitutional amendment prohibiting anybody from learning anything? If it works as well as prohibition did, in five years Americans would be the smartest race of people on Earth.” Will Rogers

  12. Thomas says:

    > Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as that. While there are
    > many good reasons for stopping the influx of illegal aliens
    > into the U.S., financial considerations are not at the top
    > of that list. “Undocumented workers” contribute ENORMOUS
    > sums to the American budget via Social Security witholding.
    > This money is a FREEBIE to the U.S., as it is credited to
    > bogus SS numbers, and the workers

    It is this lack of integrity that really rails average Americans on both sides of the isle. You are basically saying we should continue to allow people to break the law because it helps the economy. That’s insane. We should change the law if that is what is desired.

    The problem is that illegals are costing far more than they are contributing. Remember, those costs includes things like law enforcement, education, and medical care. I’d be completely behind something that prevented the influx of illegals but increased the levels of documented immigration.

    This is really much simpler than you make it out. Are we going to allow anyone to immigrate into this country? If the answer yes, then we should dismantle the border crossing as it is no longer needed. However, if we agree that there should be limits on the number of people that immigrate to the US then must also agree that one more than that number is unacceptable and must be prevented. Otherwise, the limit you set doesn’t mean anything.

    One comedian suggested a lake of fire across the border. It would be both practical and a source of entertainment. Joking aside, we really equipment (walls, ultrasonic etc) that stops this type of immigration. Once we put the mechanisms in place to ensure people cannot immigrate illegally, then we should entertain talks about greatly increasing the number of immigrants allowed into the country.

  13. meetsy says:

    Not only are they paid with cash…..these guys spend little money on “this side of the border”. It’s all sent home, via moneygrams.
    As for putting money in the social security system….the IRS stopped notifying employers of mismatched ssn’s…a couple of years ago. Who know’s why? But meanwhile, they DO send out notices and collect taxes from taxpayers who have “extra reported income”…meaning, multiple W-2’s (presumably from someone using the taxpayers ssn). Okay, so perhaps SOME illegals are using other people’s ssn’s, and that is making those people pay EXTRA taxes, and, as a side mention, have extra benefits (although, it would take many, many years for that to show up in the “monthly allowance” of more than a dollar or two). However, this isn’t anywhere near as much money as the government could make/save if it were American’s working. The illgals suck up our resources in emergency services, health, etc…. services they are using at a greater rate than they return. The money going south is draining our economy. It’s hurting the American’s with sub-standard educations (i.e. high school drop outs) more than it hurts anyone else. The low wage, low skilled jobs are taken by illegals, not our own legal under-educated. So, sure, it’s not hurting YOU…but it is hurting someone. The more low skilled jobs filled for foreigners, means that our own low skilled workers must turn to welfare. Guess who pays for that?

  14. Jim Dermitt says:

    There’s a shortage of North American oil refineries. I say build some big oil refineries in Mexico. There is capital for it. This would help the Mexicans who want to stay there find work and help Mexico do something more important than building Xboxes or cheap color TV sets for spoiled brats and fat slob couch potatoes. The way our corrupt system operates, they’ll want to build new refineries in the middle of Los Angeles and then import more oil from Mexico and Mexicans to work cheap. Mexico has oil and with more refineries and oil flowing into it, it could become a very wealthy nation. Who will come to California to work then? California has a large share of lazy people. The Mexicans I saw when I was there were about the only people doing any work. I’m talking work here, not running a dotcom or some other goofy new economy stuff like a search engine.

  15. AB CD says:

    The Dems support illegal immigration because Mexicans vote for Democrats. That’s also why they don’t like ID cards and other anti-fraud measures for voting. The Republican establishment supports illegal immigration because businesses complain when their workers are deported.

  16. Rush says:

    Intrsting coments. Carel Rove for Prisident 2008. Megga dittos Anthony, Arnold is have Better Deal in Kaliforua!! Terminater for VP 2008. (for the record, I’m really stoned wright now) Vote republikan!

  17. site admin says:

    Regarding building refineries in Mexico. Mexico has nationalized operations like you suggest in the past. They can’t be trusted with that kind of investment. Build refineries in Texas.

  18. Jim Dermitt says:

    Since Mexico wants to run a chunk of California, we have people who can go down, with a ton of money I might add, some security muscle and military if it gets real rough and run big chunks of Mexico. They’ll run it better than Fox and the Mexicans ever thought about running it. Who has time to screw around here? Mexico has one of the worst governments on the planet and they want to run an oil business. What’s that a big joke? Saudi Arabia is full of American companies. They couldn’t run the thing if American companies left. The land in Mexico is cheaper than Texas and Texas has its share of refineries. It’s business, not trust. In God we trust.

  19. jojo says:

    Governor signals he’d welcome Minutemen on California border

    Guadalupe Siordia-Ortiz, a recently naturalized citizen, said she was “sad and insulted” by the governor’s support for the Minutemen. “We are people who come to this country to work,” she said. “We are not criminals.”
    Sorry, Guadalupe, I’m sure you’re a wonderful person. But I personally don’t want you or your people coming here looking for work. Why don’t you find work in your home country? If your politicians and corporations can’t provide jobs for you, then maybe you should do something about it. Or maybe you could consider using birth control. Maybe your population is just too large to support the economy you have in Mexico? Try solving your own problems at home first before running away to other countries.

  20. Richard says:

    He needs to work out!

  21. jojo says:

    Good blog post on the political situation in Mexico here:

  22. Ed Campell says:

    Someone who commented on Lou Dobb’s program offered a great idea:

    Mexican border guards and the military types already stationed in depth behind Mexico’s northern border already do a decent job at preventing folks from entering Mexico.

    Why not take about half of Bush’s budget for border security and write paychecks to the dudes already working at it in Mexico — to stop the export of illegals. They’d probably sort it out in a week or two.

  23. Jim Dermitt says:

    “The Democrats are in a terrible mess. They nominated a Catholic for president only to lose the Catholic vote.”
    David M. Shribman, Executive editor of the Post-Gazette
    The whole thing is here
    Well worth reading. A great analysis.

    All sorts of agendas out there. It’s like a dictatorship of fools or something. You can hardly keep up with it all. Deficits, torture camps, offshoring, outsourcing, oil prices surging and war. The whole country is a terrible mess, the Democrats included. Why anybody would want to come here I don’t know. It’s going to get worse, before it gets better. They should just put couches and shrinks at the border. Down in Washington they are looking to kick the judges out of office, a Tom DeLay project for a right and ready nation. Hells bells!

  24. How can an Mexican get Ins.without a drivers lic.
    this mexican man ran a stop sign struck my car, he didn’t have US driver lic., but had Ins., his wife said he couldn’t speak english, but when the police asked him how long he had been in the usa
    , he said 1yr.,his wife spoke up and said 2yr.,the mexican friend they had called spoke up and said 3mo., the policeman said that is three different stories, but he has to get a No. Carolina driver lic. by 2 months, so he put on report NO drivers lic.and failure to stop at stop sign. How did he get Ins. without a drivers lic.????
    The lady at the resturant next door said this happens allmost every day .
    Do you think Honor has been replaced with stupidity in DC ?????

  25. He needs to work out!

  26. Renatas says:

    We do have RAID 1 0 on the DB servers, a live backup running now, and have done a few other things to ensure this wont happen again. The timing was unfortunate because things were still in transition because of the datacenter move.

  27. Cindy says:

    All there is to say is Mr. Gov. Arnold is not exactly an American born citizen, he was an alien himself, he was naturalized in the states. He has come across great opportunites, here, obviously. It’s so sad to see how someone who was an immigrant himself, not help those who are immigrants but in on the contrary against immigraion rights for illegals.

  28. wendy soriao says:

    Immigration is good to the econmy because Hispanic immigrants do all the work that ya lazy “legal Americans” aren’t willing to do. When you see people constructing a building- the majority o the time it is an HISPANIC. Why?? Because the whites are probably too dumb to do that kind of work. All they know is how to sit in offices. not only that, but America was created by immigrants… that’s where we get our name Amerigo Vespucci…an immigrants.!!

  29. george durnfor says:

    Illegal immigrants.They are hard workers but they hurt the economy.They work for less on jobs we Americans would do.They cost us education,medical and federal tax money.they get State welfare when out of work.they use stolen social security numbers.One was used 284 times and another 218 times.Matter of record.It will cost the American tax payer 50 to 57 billion a year.cheaper to send them home.They say they are needed for farm industries.But when the work is done whom pays?You and I.
    BUILD THE FENCE.Save the stars and strips.The Mexican flag would not look good on our Capital.But then again,remember the Alamo………………………………George


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