Cover of the translated version of the Mexican comic book advocating moving to US

Ajo school fraud now confirmed

TUCSON – State schools chief Tom Horne on Wednesday confirmed that children living in Mexico are crossing the border to attend school in the United States, but officials cannot agree whether the state, county or school district should check residency claims.

More than a year after calling for an investigation, Horne said state school officials now have a videotape that shows children crossing from Sonoyta, Sonora, through the port of entry and boarding buses to attend school in the United States. The state also found that trailer-park spaces in the U.S. border town of Lukeville listed as proof of residency for many children are empty.

Overall, Horne said, the investigation found “overwhelming evidence” of fraud.

here’s the kicker for all you “profiling” mavens:

But Linda L. Arzoumanian, superintendent for Pima County, said the county already has proof of legal residency for the students on file. Physically verifying their addresses raises legal questions, she said, citing a 1980 state attorney general’s opinion that prohibits applying residency requirements in a way that results in “discrimination based on race or national origin.”

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  1. Ima Fish says:

    I’m suspicious of the tract, I’m guessing it was done as a joke.

  2. Those wily Zionist Infidels of Amish Tech Support have struck again!

  3. Ed Campbell says:

    Next door, over here in New Mexico, there’s no one in state government who would even ask the same questions as Mr. Home. Our governor holds his own private meetings with Vicente Fox to support illegal migrant workers.

    I guess Bill must be charming, though. Even though his policies screw thousands of New Mexican [and other American] workers out of jobs, his donation base among construction trade unions and the old AFL-types doesn’t seem to diminish.

    It’s the old story of, “I’ve got mine, Jack!”

  4. RepubAnon says:

    Asking only Hispanics for ID is racial profiling, and should be illegal. Why not just ask everyone for proof of residency? It’s done in many of the better-ranked schools to keep out kids of all races living in lower-test-score school zones.

  5. Pat says:

    Fraud is fraud.

    Even though it will be the children who suffer, I do have a difficult time spending money on people who do not belong in that school. If the child’s parent’s or native country or jurisdiction wish to pay for the costs then fine, let ‘em in.

  6. Sound the alarm says:

    Go to Mexico they profile anglos, unless you give them plenty of green.

  7. Albert says:

    This is inetresting. Also happens in the US. People use Fake adresses to have their childern attend the best school districts. I have seen it.

  8. Teyecoon says:

    LAWS SCHMAWS…they don’t apply to minorities and foreigners because that would be mean besides the rich lawmakers need cheap housekeepers…comprende rico hombre?


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