The Bozeman Daily Chronicle — A woman hired to give a talk to students at Bozeman HIgh School about the benefits of abstinence goes off the deep end with utter nonsense based on the Christian Right notions du jour. . This is the most amazing tale of intellectual depravity I have ever read. Considering the fact that this idiot was actually paid to give this talk is even more mind-boggling.

Wells demanded the school give equal time to rebut the “misinformation” his son heard: that condoms lead to cancer, that birth control pills are only 20 percent effective, that sexually transmitted diseases are spread by skin contact alone, that third-trimester fetuses can be aborted, that video games lead to homicide, that human papilloma virus can be transferred through condoms and that teens can achieve “second virginity” through abstinence.

Holewinski responded that she spoke mainly against against drugs, drinking and driving, and debunked “the media’s” glamorization of sex, alcohol, drugs and violence.

She maintained it’s true that there are cancer-causing agents in latex condoms; that 80 percent of teenage girls who seek abortions are already on birth-control pills; and that human papilloma virus is small enough to pass through condoms. She said she does promote the idea of second virginity.

dug up by P. McEntee and not picked up by major media at all

  1. Thomas says:

    Ah, High School. I remember it well. I went to a Catholic HS where we were regularly inundated with nonsense like this. I have a feeling it is worse now. I was considered something of a terror by teachers because I would stand up against them when they stuck their foot in their mouth such as this woman did (in fact I rather enjoyed it ;->). For example, I doubt she got her pregnancy rate information from the FDA. As of 2003, the FDA claims that the birth control pill has a failure rate of about 1% to 2% per year (

  2. Teyecoon says:

    Resistance is futile. Just give in and accept the power and control that the Church has now acquired over all our major institutions like the government and news media. The “big lie” of religion is a non-yielding plague that seeks complete and total infection. Now, that the once “protected” government has become a major carrier of this disease, you can no longer have a secular discussion even in science class. It’s now like air pollution in that even if you attempt to filter it out, you are still affected by it’s persistence. The fact that this lady was asked and paid to give this speech is further proof that these psychotic liars are a step away from creating a “Church state”. Evidently, “Freedom of Religion” never included “Freedom From Religion”!

  3. gquaglia says:

    Extremist thoughts, right or left, are dangerous things.

  4. AB CD says:

    What is wrong with third trimester fetuses can be aborted? Evan Bayh was vetoed as Gore’s running mate for saying this shouldn’t happen.
    On birth control pills, note the fallacy. The 20% figure is the number of people at abortion clinics not on birth control, and leaves out everyone using birth control and not getting an abortion. As for human papilloma, it’s a fact that colleges are finding substantial numbers of women with this virus, and in some cases consider it to be more of a problem than HIV. It’s a little sutrprising that she was even talking about it, as most of the time thsi is just ignored.

  5. Sound the alarm says:

    All part the the dubya agenda. Ally with the religious right and make Luddites of us all. Or as a good baptist co-worker said to me.

    “Soon we will have camps for liberals like you”

    Heil dubya!

  6. Ed Campbell says:

    All part of the fact that the religious wingy-dingys who control the government, control the Republikan Party, have enough political clout to intimidate local politicians, local bureaucrats.

    Not that functionaries of this type are notorious for backbone.

    I sent off an email, this morning, to the Smithsonian Institute — when I learn they are renting their facility to one of the religious fronts for creationism to present their crap. That contradicts the standards and ethos of the SI — to keep themselves separate from religious propaganda.

    Our electorate, sadly, has the political sophistication you would expect from a land awash in diminishing standards of education and political freedom. Those who govern — give them what they deserve — instead of leadership.

  7. meetsy says:

    If Christians would stop breeding….we’d all be better off.

  8. Teyecoon says:

    “But if you do believe that, then don’t bother others about the life of animals or those that are killed by the government, because the same purpose is being served.”

    To be conceived is to be forced to face death…as long as it’s done “humanely” then so be it. (Of course, we all know that dying from an abortion is a lot more humane than any death caused in the name of religion.)

    It seems WWIII will likely be based upon religion with so many religious zealots having such biased and uneducated views of other religions and categorizing each by the activities of the extremists. This could possibly be an efficient evolutionary step to thin out the ranks of the “loonies”. 😛

  9. Streklov says:

    Figment – n. – purely imaginary thing: something produced by or only existing in somebody’s imagination, i.e. figment of imagination

    I’m afraid I missed something here. Where was there any mention of religion or Christians in the newspaper article? The only reference that I saw was the “thinly veiled ministry” comment made by the unhappy father.
    If you go to the website of the organization the speaker represented you would have to do some real searching to even find a reference to religion or Christianity.

  10. BJ says:

    Christianity is not only the most successful cult ever it’s the most dangerous and has been the cause of more human deaths than all the wars and diseases combined… Ever. Organized religion as a whole is the overwhelming reason for most of the major problems on the planet today.

    It’s too bad that free-thinking and logical questioning aren’t promoted more instead of this outdated, sexist and racist dogma that’s passed off as fact.

    Never underestimate the complete stupidity of the morally superior and their blind faith.

  11. Teyecoon says:

    ” I do hope that you enjoy the freedoms that Christian beliefs have allowed you, in being able to express you contempt of it.”

    LOL…so first came Christianity as the root to all freedoms. huh? Someone else needs to read some history books to realize that Christianity was much the same in violence as the extremist Muslims are today. In fact, it is so popular today because it literally killed off so many competing beliefs that refused to convert. Furthermore, believe it or not, you don’t have to be a Christian to realize the benefits of establishing equality and freedom to prevent monarchism (which is ironically what Christianity is all about).

    BTW, not that BJ needs me to defend him but he stated that all “organized religions” are the problem and didn’t specifically point to yours as the most despised.

  12. juan lentes says:

    good ideas in this site good work 🙂

  13. Notch says:

    The sad thing is those of you who do not believe or accept our Lord Jesus Christ will have to suffer in a way God does NOT want His children to suffer.

    Think about this, wouldn’t you rather live your life according to Gods word and then find out you were right, that He doesn’t exist or live your life outside of His word and find out He does indeed exist??

    I think I would rather chose to live a Christ-like life.

    The comments I have read here are a sure indication that the end times are coming, and soon. Moral decay (sin) and the whole “man as god” syndrome that is pervasive in society has been written about in the bible and is coming to pass. What happens next (read the book of Revelation) is those of you who don’t accept Christ will have to face tribulation and then stand in judgement before Christ.

    God loves you, He loves Muslims, Buddists, Hindus, whatever, He loves EVERYONE and doesn’t want His children to be apart from Him. Open your heart and allow Him in and you can have everlasting life and no pain, close your heart to Him and you are destined to the lake of fire and eternal seperation from the Lord.


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