Give me a break – Euro hit by French ‘No’ vote – May 30, 2005 — The beginning of the end of these fake alliances. Besides, I never wanted Brussels to tell the French how to make cheese.

Hopefully NAFTA will crumble sometime soon.

LONDON, England (Reuters) — The euro skidded to a fresh seven-month low against the dollar on Monday after French voters rejected the proposed European Union constitution, casting a shadow over the political future of the bloc.

The “No” vote garnered 55 percent, higher than most polls suggested before Sunday’s referendum, in one of the biggest turnouts for years.

While France’s rejection of the EU treaty was not expected to jeopardize the monetary union underpinning the single currency, it did raise questions about public support behind the EU and future integration.

It also plunged France into political turmoil just a week after Germany’s Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder called for early elections after his party suffered humiliating defeat in a regional poll.

  1. Miguel Lopes says:

    The french vote had nothing to do with the EU or the proposed European Constitution. The fact is the french voted against the current government, as would be expected in the current climate of economic and social crisis. With 10% unemployment would you expect the french to do otherwise?

    The Eu is not such a bad idea, in fact it has been a very successful one – economically. It’s only the political aspect of the equation that fails, and if you look deeper that’s due to the aristocratic traditions of Europe – basically you’re telling people you’re going to change, but with the same old elites ruling.

    And mr. Chirac pleading for the french to vote yes??? Man, what a nerve! That idiot has suck millions out of France and Europe – he doesn’t give a F”&/( what the french vote! And when the french saw his face, they immediately knew what to vote – NO, WE DON’T WANT THIS MOTHERF”$%&$& AROUND HERE ANY MORE!

    I hope this ‘non’ will make heads roll, especially the head f the most corrupt mr. Chirac, but alas, that is not going to happen. The political establishment hasn’t yet noticed how bad the europeans are pissed against them!!!

  2. Ed Campbell says:

    A signifiant portion of the “non” vote was directed purposefully at Chirac. Considered by many to be the “father” of the proposed constituion, he not only ain’t no Jefferson, he’s a lame duck who got elected as a 2nd-hand choice to prevent an even worse dolt from accession.

    His constitution wasn’t as democratic as most of the national constitutions — and offered up as consensus at best by an assembly of politicians who almost croaked from ennui after months of trying to dredge something reasonable from their collective frustration.

    This ain’t throwing the baby out with the bath water — it’s the beginning of a process reclaiming conservation lands from a wastewater dump!

  3. Angel H. Wong says:

    Agreed, no one said that an European constitution was going to be that easy. I say that they won’t have it for years to come due to extreme nationalism pouring from every nation and moral differences between nations.

  4. Miguel Lopes says:

    IMHO the reasons the constitution has been ‘rejected’ by the french and will, most likely, be ‘rejected’ by other nations are:

    – the text of the constitution, per se, is already flawed, having been created as a compromise to please the aristocracies of the countries involved – not the peoples of those nations

    – very little information about what’s on the text of the constitution is being given to the people, apart of the idiotic ‘you have to vote yes because it is a yes for Europe and for development’ and that sort of stuff…

    The result is that the people are not voting for a constitution. It is regarded as another political, national, vote, in which you air you current dissatisfactions with the ruling elite.

    It has nothing to do with nationalism.

    If you ask around several europeans, you’ll see most are for the EU, not against. We just don’t wan’t sloppy, corrupt management, huge budgets and milionary salaries for those ruling, with little or nothing to show for it.

    We want a united Europe, not a huge, bloated, expensive, eurocracy.

    *That’s* what people are really against when they say they are ‘against the EU’. If the politicians let this drag on then more people will start thinkng that way, unable to separate one question from the other.

    But then again, that might be the whole plan. A divided Europe will once again bring back trade tariffs that could bring more money to the ruling elite. And the possibility of wars comes back, once again bringing happinness to those that made a fortune out of selling weapons.


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