Another 4th of July Classic repost from the original done in Novemeber of 2004. Great list of comments.

new math
new math skills

The CBS announcement here. Americans FAVOR Creationism

CBS chart
Chart from CBS News Website

Now here’s the problem I’m having with CBS. Knowing that I personally think creationism is a quaint but dangerous anti-scientific superstition, I wonder what CBS is up to here because the numbers do not reflect a 100-percent sum in any case. Tell me how, for example, 71-percent of Bush voters think that evolution AND creationism should be taught in schools while 45-percent of Bush voters think that ONLY creationism should be taught in school. That adds up to 116-percent!! The question is exclusive, you can’t say yes or no to both questions. Seems that once again CBS has a lot of ‘splainin’ to do. Either that or this is a pro-creationism poll done by someone on the inside. And the math and the inability to add 2+2 is a mere reflection of where we are headed with this hogwash. We’re headed to being one of the dumbest countries in the world.

That said, I suspect that, in fact, the charts are misrepresented and the lower chart is some sort of subset and the top chart should have benn cited with “and/or” rather than “and.”

I was also amused by the CBS comment that none of this was a big deal because “only” 37-percent of all Americans think that evolution should be scrapped in schools and replaced by biblical creationism. Only 37-percent? Only??! With a population just about to hit 300 million we’re talking about 100 million people! Yeah, no big deal.

Now this news from last June makes more sense:
Bush plans to screen whole US population for mental illness

related essay:

Public Opinion: Creationism Tops Evolution – By Joseph Grant Swank — — I was unaware of the fact that Hillary is now on this bandwagon too. It’s unbelieveable.

And the latest report poll comes from none other than CBS! The question: Can we believe it? Can we believe anything coming out of CBS with the recent “document scandal”?


Now the thought comes to mind. Is this a Hillary parallel or is this poll fact?

Just days ago Hillary told that she is an “evangelical conservative” particularly in her daily devotions. Well, do tell. If that’s so, then Putin just became President of the United States.

  1. tdaxp says:

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    I’m currently reading Dr. Barnett’s Blueprint for Action: A Future Worth Creating and finishing up a literature review. While Mark’s got that done already and has moved on to other books, some of us are slower… So expect light blogging for the ne…

  2. Gil Stone says:

    Regardless of whether humanity truly evolved from blobs of jelly and monkeys, Creationists cannot prevail in the ongoing debate about our origins. Their position is fatally flawed. You see, the Creationist position fundamentally relies upon the premise that the Judeo-Christian Bible is the Word of God. If it’s not; if the Bible is just a book, then there is no Creationist position. Recently, a lawyer embarked upon a mission to become the greatest Christian on the planet. In his quest he made a profound discovery. He discovered that the Bible is unequivocally not the Word of God. His argument is compelling. After reading his thesis, I am both shocked and embarrassed that I spent my whole life as a Christian and a Creationist. And while his thesis does not invalidate the so-called theory of “Intelligent Design,” it absolutely dismantles the theory of Biblical Creationism. You can read his Thesis at

  3. Kevin Swope says:

    I have been pondering for a long time why people have the belief that all humans came from Adam and Eve, that the Earth is only 6,000 years old. Then it just occurred to me. It’s complete and utter ignorance. Ignorance comes from uncertainty. People fear the unknown. With this belief system they have everything mapped out. It’s all black and white. If you believe this you will be saved and go to heaven. Everyone else will go to hell. They like to think they have everything crystal clear. That is why they are often ignorant to geological facts, evolutionary finds and so forth. They choose to ignore any evidence that the Earth is indeed older than 6,000 years because they are comfortable where they are. They don’t want to step into uncertainty. The perfect example is Galileo, he claimed the Earth was round and was banished by the church. The simple and obvious reason, is because people are afraid.


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