John Battelle

What’s particularly annoying about getting spammed by John Battelle and O’Reilly Publishing is that I’m hardly a customer for the Web 2.0 $2795 groupthink conference where I get to hear people I can just as easily call on the phone. But nonetheless every few days I get multiple copies of a “Dear Colleague” letter telling me I can save $400 off the price of admission. And this is classic spam since if you “REPLY” the reply dies someplace. It’s sure isn’t sent to John Battelle who it supposedly comes from. That’s unless he’s ignoring my demand to get of the spam mail list.

And there is no notice/link at the bottom to automatically get me off the list! Nothing. This is inexcuseable for these high-tech mavens. The link to the conference is here. What gets me is that they proudly talk about all their sponsors then still charge a hefty $2795 to listen to Hossein Eslambolchi. Geez. This is definitely not done in the spirit of Open Source, is it?

  1. The Tea Man says:

    Do you think Battelle is indicating how many attendees he expects?

    What a great picture.

  2. Only losers go to blog conferences.

    I doubt that you’ll ever find me speaking at one. Oh, and I don’t “attend” anything. I either dominate, or disappear. I must be at the top at all times. I’m a CEO.

    The biggest problem with all blog conferences is that you either have to hear or say the ugly little filthy-sounding word “blog” over and over again.

    Even “blog” as a verb, which is nuts.

    Blog is a noun refering to a quick and easy web content publishing platform.

    Nobody “blogs” anything, like nobody “web sites” anything.

    Don’t ever say “I’m blogging [you, your girlfriend, a convention, a subject, anything].”

    “blogging it” sounds horribly vulgar and polite web-bread people avoid and never say it.

    Take it from a hermit blogologist: conferences are stupid.

    Open wide and say “bah”.

  3. Steven,

    I love the comment you just blogged….ooops.


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