The urban legends site is a useful place to check out all the crap your friends send you because it fits their superstitions, prejudice or mean-spirited “humor”. The number of people who believe the absurd stuff that circulates on and off the Web is astonishing.

But, sometimes it’s true.

One tale that snopes has verified is that of a DEA agent who’s caught on video accidentally shooting himself while lecturing on gun safety! He limps around, afterwards, and tries to turn it into some kind of object lesson.

Good thing he wasn’t lecturing about suicide.

  1. Jim Dermitt says:

    Before TV or Internet, there was film!
    Production Company: Universal Studios
    Audio/Visual: sound, b&w
    “The cleverest anti-Nazi propaganda yet! You will howl with glee when you see and hear what our London newsreel friends have cooked up for Hitler and his goose-stepping armies. The ‘Nasties’ skip and sway in tune to the Lambeth Walk!” – humorous editing of German newsreels to make fun of Hitler and the Nazis. (partial newsreel)

  2. Ron Taylor says:

    Please don’t watch this whilst drinking coffee in front of your keyboard.

  3. Imafish says:

    No, it’s a good thing a kid didn’t get shot. I hope to god he is never allowed to go back into a school again!


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