Obesity rate climbing in nearly every state It’s the food supply. It’s bad food. And why are we cooking with weird oils and calling them “health food” like Canola and Soy? Use Olive Oil! And why has daily PE disappeared from the public schools? Someone wants us fat.

WASHINGTON — Obesity rates rose last year in every state but Oregon, according to an advocacy group that called on the government and the private sector to get more involved in Americans’ battle with expanding waistlines.

The advocacy group, Trust for America’s Health, said data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showed that the percentage of obese adults for 2002-04 stood at 22.7 percent nationally. The percentage for the previous cycle, 2001-03, was 22 percent.

The state exhibiting the largest increase in obesity was Alabama. There, the rate increased 1.5 percentage points to 27.7 percent. Oregon’s rate held steady at 21 percent.

The report said the states with the highest percentage of obese adults are Mississippi, Alabama, West Virginia, Louisiana and Tennessee.

The states with the lowest percentage of obese adults are Colorado, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont and Montana. Hawaii was not included in the report.

  1. Ima Fish says:

    “Someone wants us fat.”

    Have you ever met a really fat person who gave a shit about anything other than where his next meal is coming from? By keeping us fat the government is keeping us quiet.

    And secondly, it’s a simple fact that fat people don’t live as long. And because fat people die so much sooner, the government actually SAVES money on health care costs. There are numerous news reports talking about the “cost” of the obesity problem, but in reality all those fatties dieing off saves our nation a fortune.

  2. Jeffery A. Haremski says:

    When I was growing up, pizza was a special treat, as was a family trip to McDonalds. Whereas today my co-workers seem to live off of McDonalds and feed their families pizza several times a week because they can’t be bothered to cook.

    I personally have lost 40 pounds in the past couple of years simply by cooking dinner. No, not reheating a frozen dinner. It is amazing to me how high-fructose corn syrup is in virtually everything prepackaged.

  3. site admin says:

    Wow Ima, I bet there there is a study that shows that as long as the governement doesn’t have to pay for health care then fat is good for the government! Sick.

  4. PJ says:

    I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and am surprised that we aren’t on the top of the list. Some of the women here have gotten very close to inspiring me to a life of chastity (that should give you an idea of how bad it is).

    Incidentally, the television, a great invention, is the reason for obesity. Children are getting lazier and lazier, wasting away in fron of the idiot box. I admit that I am not the perfect physical specimen, I am just blessed to have the best metabolism on the planet.

    That pic is great, btw. If I just don’t turn my head to the right, the bile will stop creeping up the back of my throat.

  5. Imafish says:

    Great corollary to your story. The Attorney General from New Hampshire is investigating a doctor who told his patent that she was obese and had to lose weight. Apparently she was offended by the comment and filed a complaint.


    When doctors cannot even call their patients fat, you know there’s no solution to this problem in sight.

  6. siamus says:

    i’m a fat ass.

    I got that way because of a time period where there was no time to cook, so I had to eat or or order stuff.

    Cook your own damn food, you’ll see a big difference.

  7. siamus says:

    just another thing.

    Daily P.E. in public schools disappearingis crazy. From what I hear, the reason for this is to make up for things like lower test scores. But the thing is, the brain works better in healthier bodies..so depriving kids of physical activity is really adding to the ongoing problem of stupidity in this nation.

  8. Susi says:

    Whoa whoa whoa… first of all, yes, Americans are fatter.

    But second of all, you have a WHOLE line of people from the midwest who are MADE to be bigger than those fops in France. That’s because you can’t pull a tractor trailer on a diet of wine and cheese.

    People like Ima Fish prove how really ignorant they are with statements like “Have you ever met a really fat person who gave a shit about anything other than where his next meal is coming from?”

    We eat like CRAP in America, it’s true. But we also work 80 hours a week (sometimes at more than one job) and struggled to find time with kids, dogs, wife, etc. Heck, if we could take a whole month off like they do in France and Italy to relax, we’d probably be healthier too.

    Or we could be like the Asian culture, where the dieting culture is 10x worse than in America, so you’re just TOO deathly AFRAID to gain weight.

  9. R Taylor says:

    Lets see what other statistics we can compare to the states with high and low obesity rates. Could income and eduction be correlated? The poor always had worse diets. Due to modern farming, high fat, and high carbohydrate foods are cheap. You could always get obese on fat back, soup beans and lard biscuits in the old South. In years past though working as a field hand kept the carbs burned off. I saw a diet last week that called for ocean caught salmon three times a week. The last time I checked wild salmon filets was about $35 per lb.

  10. LU says:

    I just threw up in my mouth when I saw that fat chick in the thong. Sorry I couldn’t come up with anything more intelligent to say. It’s kind of tough when your brain is working to remove that image from your mind.

  11. Tommy Blue State says:

    Didja notice how that in this study as in many studies the “bad” states are always the ones who go republican. This goes hand in hand with the studies that show the states with higher K-12 educational scores are the blue states as are the states with the highest percentages of college grads. I think there may just be something to the stereotype that republicans are mostly fat & stupid.

  12. Ima Fish says:

    Susi, I’ll take your challenge. Find one, just ONE picture of person over 300 protesting anything, other than something related to being fat. For example, find me a picture of a 300 pound anti-abortion protester. A 300 pound anti-war protester. ANY protester (not related to being fat) will do. One picture. That’s all.

  13. Michael Reed says:

    Wow I was not aware that mouth breathing, lips moving level of comments would be posted here, but after seeing Tommy Blue State post I think Jon Stewart has it right in the recent wired when he says that the internet is like a classroom passing notes. Calling Republicans stupid and neglecting all the dumb Democrats is like only using condoms on Tuesday, it just leads to more problems.

  14. K. Zuke says:

    Calling Republicans stupid and neglecting all the dumb Democrats is like only using condoms on Tuesday, it just leads to more problems.

    Whoot! Good one! You’re lucky you’re posting to a day-old entry, or you’d be getting flamed big-time. Hehe…

  15. AB CD says:

    The reason there are more obese people is because activists literally changed the definition of obese and overweight to make the problem look worse. The BMI factors for these terms were changed, so now Michael Jordan and Tom Cruise are classified as obese along with Tom Brady.

  16. meetsy says:

    Aside from the “midwestern early breeder, larger framed, big boned” style of American…. (mostly of good farming stock) excuse…. the biggest reason we are 50-100lbs heavier than our parents is CRISCO.
    Crisco wasn’t even PART of our diets before 1921. Didn’t exist. (It’s when some brainiac came up with a way to shove an extra atom of hydrogen into fat to keep it from rotting like real fat) Before that we ate animal fats: lard, butterfat and pressed vegetable oils (olive, some seeds). Now, they express oil with hexane extraction (hexane is a petrol product….akin to JET FUEL) and then let the hexane evaporate (most of it does, traces remain). Oh, and cottonseed oil….is harvested by spraying the plants with agent orange (essentially) and then as the plant wilts and dies….then the seeds are harvested, and THEN they’re treated with hexane to extract the oils, and then the extra atom of hexane is shoved into it (yum). What a toxic wasteland that is.
    There have been NO STUDIES to determine if the human body can even deal with the extra atom of hydrogen. In fact, there is lots of evidence to suggest that it might just go straight to FAT…and can’t be used by the body at all. (Hence why body shapes today are NOTHING like obese shapes from 50 years ago!!) You’re starving your body, but adding fat with this junk.
    Check your food labels, folks, almost EVERYTHING you eat has hydrogenated, or partially hydrogenated oil in it….the peanut oil has been removed in most peanut butters to put IN canola oil (aka rapeseed oil), soy extenders are added because they’re way cheaper than REAL FOOD (e.g. wheat, meat, whatever).
    STOP EATING THE CRAP. Read the labels, and make better choices…..it’s not that difficult.
    seems simple enough to me.

  17. Sam says:

    John, encouraging people to cook with olive oil won’t do anything to promote weight loss.

    Olive oil makes you fat just as surely as any other sort of oil. Better for your heart, but still makes you fat.

  18. Laura Robinson says:

    This past spring, I went to my daughter’s middle school orientation. We sat in too crowded bleachers and listened to the school staff insult our daughters, talk down to us and my favorite part, the PE teacher putting the fear of God into our children and telling them that “you have to be in shape for gym class.” More about the gym class in a minute.

    We then were invited to tour the school on our own. We made our way down to the very depressing cafeteria in the basement of the school. The first thing to greet us? Two huge coke machines stocked with high fructose corn syrup laden drinks. A little further in the door? The snack line stocked with every Little Debbie Snack cake known to man, potato chips, Doritos, you name the snack, they have it available for our unsupervised children to purchase.

    I know that the schools get money for allowing Coca Cola to place vending machines in their buildings. But, really, how much could it be? How much extra money do the darn schools need? The public schools need to stop being whores to consumerism and learn to make due in ways that don’t harm the health of our children. Oh, and in our particular school system? How about more than half a year of PE class and a PE teacher that’s interested in teaching them how to be healthy instead of insisting that they already be healthy before they walk in the door? A person who sees excercise as a punishment is not going to go into adulthood making time for excercise.

  19. Teyecoon says:

    You need to link this to your blog topic about “supersized” McDonalds buildings. http://www.dvorak.org/blog/?p=2547

    No wonder porn is so popular in America. It’s the only place to see anyone with which you would want to have sex. People who care about their bodies (and health) are rare sights in average America.

    While some small blame can be placed on genetically modified foods, you can’t deny that overindulgence isn’t a mainstream theme of American society. Where else do you see glutonous food eating contests on TV as if it were some kind of respectable sport? Not to mention, all the PC crap to try and convince you that these fat people are sexy and beautiful (to maybe .0001 percent of the population). I think another aspect of the problem here is mental which is overlooked too often as many of these people are in need of clinical psychological help if they are ever going to help themselves (no pun intended) physically.

    Finally, don’t believe the other PC lies and sob stories that this is genetic and as a result these people can’t change. This is learned behavior and it can be changed if the person has any desire to change (at least in 95%+ of the cases). Also, surgery doesn’t work unless you change your “American” lifestyle habits. How silly are some of these people who get life endangering surgery only to “practice” themselves right back into obesity.

    Overeating + sedentary lifestyle = obesity. Change one to be simply out of shape and change both if you want to be fit and healthy.


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