Nun Reprimanded Over Dancing Good Lord….

A Belgian nun’s acrobatic and indecorous dancing with a missionary during the Catholic World Youth Day in Germany over the weekend earned her a reprimand from her mother superior, a Belgian paper said Tuesday.

Daily Het Laatste Nieuws showed pictures of a dancing Johanne Vertommen being held up in the air by the missionary, and then clinging to him with her legs wrapped around his body.

“I wouldn’t do this at home but at such occasions I get carried away by the enthusiasm of the group,” the 29-year-old told the paper later.

You go, girl !!!

  1. Improbus says:

    Evidently having fun is a sin. If you are a Catholic I guess you must be grim and joyless to worship God.

  2. Hank says:

    This story reminds me of the 2 Samuel 6 story where David is reprimanded for dancing too much. More than a reminder, it’s A LOT the same.

  3. Andy_Gu says:

    If you are not Catholic, how can you begin to profess to understand Catholicism? We have no idea what kind of vows sister has taken.


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