The antimicrobial underpants have been introduced by the Ministry of Defence as part of a new desert uniform for soldiers. They are the first undergarments issued to British troops, who traditionally have had to supply their own.

Col. Silas Suchanek, who led the team that procured the new equipment, said the unisex trunks were made from artificial fibres for comfort, with silver particles woven into the material to prevent sweating.

“It is coated to prevent bacterial infection and we have tried to arrange the seams so that they don’t chafe,” he said.

The army’s new desert kit also includes boots with rubber soles designed to withstand temperatures of up to 300 Celsius, wraparound sunglasses, light Kevlar-nylon helmets and “combat sandals” for off-duty wear.

Combat sandals! Are they being outfitted for war in California?

  1. Ima Fish says:

    So are Mormons going to wear their “special” underwear underneath or on top of these?!

  2. hmmm….. thats a tricky one

    But what I want to know is how worthy those sandals are of combat


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