Check out the price of gas in your area.

Got my car filled up this morning and I’m guessing the price is higher tonight.

  1. Mario Dorion says:

    Q: Is Dubya known to still own some Oil related stocks or partnerships? I am not hinting he is … I am just asking.

  2. R Taylor says:

    High enough for a major economic down turn, maybe even the dreaded R word. The industrial losses due to this storm could do that, especially if Gulf shipping is impeded. It will take the rest of the week to get a decent handle on the damage, but oil futures has never bothered waiting for reality. Mario all a Presidents assets are held in blind trust, so if he had oil investments entering the job, and if his trustees hasn’t divested him he still does.

  3. Miguel Lopes says:

    We could always fill up on gas in the morning and sell our cars in the evening and actually get a profit!

  4. Sounds the Alarm says:

    I believe that all officials down to and including cabinet officials have to have their investments in a blind trust.

    Of course you can always do a friend a favor…..

  5. Of course if you adjust for inflation then it is still not the most expensive it has been… got about $10 more a barrel before it hits that…

  6. Paul Burland says:

    You Americans should be so lucky! Gasoline is 91p per litre and Diesel is 95p per litre now! That’s about $6.19 per gallon!


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