The Mendoza Line – George Bush swings for the fences

It’s official—George Bush has crossed the Mendoza line. On Friday, Gallup announced that the president’s approval has reached a new low of 40 percent, while his disapproval has soared to a new high of 56 percent.

George W. Bush still has 41 months to turn the rest of the country against him. In the past 41 months, he has cut his popularity by 40 points—from 80 percent to 40 percent. At that rate, he’s on track to set a record for presidential approval that could never be broken: zero.

Not only has he gotten the rest of the world to hate us more than it already did (love our freedom and money, hate the way we use it against others) he has gotten his own people to turn on him. Quite a talent!

  1. K. Zuke says:

    I don’t understand why John D. keeps letting his assistants post this drivel.

    I love the TECH commentaries and predictions, but this blog is starting to turn into Bash-Bush-Once-a-Day-blog. Cut the crap, please.

  2. er says:

    In so many ways, we are not doing too good.

  3. A Medina says:

    Indeed, and the SoB has put my family members in harms way and probably myself by the end of next year. All hail our supreme leader…..

  4. Rob says:

    Come on John, how many Americans gie a rat’s behind on if they like us or not. It can”t be the Mexicans.
    How about looking for at least one favoriteablestory about Bust.
    They can’t be all bab. And Bush could care less abou the polls, his temr os up. So why are all the libs andf dem running aganist him.

  5. Mike Voice says:

    Dubya using a computer by himself??

    LOL Good One!

    And John, I’m posting this with the latest update to Safari – so the noise level may drop a bit. 🙂

  6. AB CD says:

    The Mendoza line is .200, 20% while 40% is Ted Williams’ line. Most presidents have been below this level at some point including Clinton and Bush Sr. Truman left office around 30%. Ford almost got elected with a 29% rating.

  7. Nerf Hoffelmeyer says:

    The main reason Bush’s numbers are going down is that Bush will not finish the job in Iraq. He will not release our soldiers to attack the enemy hiding in the Sunni triangle.

  8. Earnie Velveeta says:

    If Bush wanted to turn his numbers around he should secure the boarders. Boarder security a huge issue for everybody and especially Bush’s base. The other thing that you have to remember is Bush can’t run again so, he is free to screw up as much as he wants.

  9. site admin says:

    Zuke, The three contributing editors B, C & D can post what they want as long as it is within set guidelines, If you don’t like what they have to post or say just hound them directly. That said we do need to back off on Bush bashing…but Bush bashing is like an addiction and the drugs are free!

    I can assure you that once Bush gets us out of Iraq and cranks up the economy we’re on his bandwagon.

  10. I love listening to the twit show, and it’s the only reason I’ve come to this blog (see your plugs do work), but damn when you guys start talking politics, it makes me want to puke.

    And let’s be honest here:

    The economy is doing much better than when the lib’s messiah, clinton was in office

    No one forced ANYONE to sign up for the military. God bless the good men and women who did though, because I’m to fat and lazy to run around with a rifle.

    And how can someone say he’s PUT your family in harm’s way? How many big terrorist attacks can you think of since 911? Where did they happen? No where near my house, I know that.

    The fact that you’re reporting “Polls” is just lame. Remember, if those polls had been correct, Kerry would have been in office, if the father of the internet wasn’t there first. Polls are only as good as the people conducting them, and we all know how bias they are these days.

    So, can you please stop going political, and stick to the tech and market? That’s what most people are here for, i’d guess. And lay off the president unless it directly affects either of those.

  11. E Dunn says:

    How low? Don’t you remember Jimmy Carter?

  12. kzoodata says:

    I’m glad you post political items. Besides, it was never presented as a solely technical blog, right? Maybe Bush should get a seperate area, away from the main blog – maybe a complete seperate domain for Bush Bashing – the .bbb domain? How would that be for a Red(state) light district?

    Anyway, there must be better political items of interest besides the Prez.

  13. Mike Voice says:

    It’s John’s personal weblog.

    If you want to “stick to tech”, then just stick to reading his columns.

    No one is forcing you to come here, and no one will miss you if you stay away.

    If you want fair & balanced, start your own weblog.

  14. site admin says:

    First of all, this is not my POST! It’s one of the Contributing Editors. B) I get PAID MONEY to write about tech in publications that pay me money to write about tech. I’m not going to blog the same thing although there is plenty of tech material on here. C) The blog is off-topic by design and like anything else, nobody is forcing you to read it or care about it one way or the other. Politics amuses me.

  15. Milo says:

    My my how the Bush supporters have fallen! Whatever happened to Bush the hero who was wildly popular that they always used to talk about? I’m going to enjoy the next 3+ years a lot… Because I live in Canada!

  16. Lindsay says:

    The economy is doing much better than when the lib’s messiah, clinton was in office

    What drugs are you on ?

  17. Don says:

    I come to this blog because I find it interesting and eclectic. If I want tech I can go to tech blogs. If I want politics I can go to political blogs. But if I want to dabble in miscellany, then this is the place. It’s like rumaging through a closet and I think it’s just fine the way it is.

  18. spinedoc says:

    John, love the way your blog is set up! Tidbits like the ones you post about Bush are great and are a refreshing change from the prepaid, programmed drone of daily journalism. Don’t stop posting political stuff like this, it is great.


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