Hurricane Photos

Links to great photos of Katrina damage as collected by the Times-Picayune

some examples of what you’ll find:

If you have any digital photos of this disaster we’ll publish them for you. Send to by email

  1. Athene - Cape Town South Africa says:

    Can anyone comment on what news of the Aquarium of the Americas in New Orleans? How well did it and the creatures in it survive the hurricane?

  2. jane says:

    So many of these people we see in the south have been so dependent on handouts from the gov. that they have no idea what it means to be self reliant. I”M not talking about those with serious needs based on age disability mental health,etc. I’m talking about those perfectly healthy strong indviduals who choose or find a way to collect money from the gov. to support their lives. Is it any wonder they yell out wheres the gov.? in times of trouble.
    A lazy personwill end up poor,but a hard worker will become rich.Those who gather crops on time are wise, but those who sleep through the harvest are a disgrace. proverbs 10: 4-5
    Hard workers will become leaders, but those who are lazy wiil become slaves. proverbs12:24
    If someone is lazy, the roof will begin to fall. If he doesn’tfix it, the house will leak.Ecc. 10:18
    There you go, these are time tested words from God to man . So whether white black or purple you have today to start over.

  3. sean lemmon says:

    I’m looking for a picture associated with hurricane katrina that can be used in an american red cross billboard to encourage people to donate. I have gone to the associated press. They have great pictures, but they are very expensive. The pictures needs to have been taken at a high resolution so that when it is blown up, it will be okay for viewing. The billboard is 7’tall x 12′ wide.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  4. Dave says:

    Free busses left New Orleans empty PRIOR to the storm
    The levy was not built strong enough
    New Orleans is in a hole (marsh/swamp)
    The bars were open right up till the hurricane hit
    The mayor hid in a hole for 2 days after the storm
    The Governor cried on TV
    People acted like helpless fools
    What part does rape/murder play in a hurricane
    What sense does it make to spend billions to rebuild a city in a hole below sea level and next to the sea?
    When the sunami struck Sri Lanka, 300,000 people were killed, everything was destroyed. Tourist were not mugged, no one was murdered, and nobody was raped, no looting took place. This is a 3rd world country. Look how the mighty americans acted in New Orleans.
    Sri Lankan’s are far more civilized than the crazy Cajuns
    It takes a long time to mobilize military forces
    it takes a long time to organize emergency workers across the country
    The mayor was over-matched by this storm, lost his composure, blamed others for his lack of planning.
    Neighbors were not helping neighbors like true americans
    There are white neighborhoods that are being totally ignored, and white folk are stuck on their roofs as well
    Maybe this all happened for a reason…….
    It all boils down to the levy. If the levy is built properly, they would have held, and we would be discussing the destruction from the wind and not the flood caused by the levy failure, and all the stranded people would not have been stranded. It’s that simple. The flood was not from the rain, it was from the levy failure. Now who would have thought that over the last 40 plus years they should have been spending money on the friggin levy to improve and upgrade it. For God’s sake, they live in a fish bowl. Who’dathunk……………

  5. Tuynell says:

    God Bless the people of New Orleans! I do not think that ALL Black people should be judged because of what SOME other blacks are doing-raping, stealing, etc. The animals that are raping and stealing didn’t just start doing this when the hurricane hit. This is something they have always done. Criminals are criminals! They should be punished to the FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW. Not people stealing food, water, diapers, etc… but the jewelry, tv’s and guns.
    This tragic event should not have turned into a racial issue but can someone explain to me why the president can get troops to Iraq faster than he can to New Orleans. Anyone ever heard of helicopters and boats. It’s sad. Can’t we all just get along. Like I said before please don’t categorize those that were not stealing, raping and murdering with those that were! It’s not fair! I would say that the criminals made up only about 1% of the population in New Orleans. I could go on all day!

  6. matthew says:

    I think if i knew my life was in danger i wouldve done everything possible to get out of there. Some of the people there are refusing to leave despite the disease. If thats not stupid i dont know what is. I also cannot believe the ignorence of people making this a race issue. Werent they warned to leave? Some still dont even want to leave. I feel sorry for people who are so evil that they would rape children and other people during a time like this,and shooting at people who are helping you. No, thats not the american way!

  7. KIMBERLY says:

    I lived in New Orleans for many years and let me adv you that the people they are showing on tv are the minorty.Has anyone considered that they are showing the worst of the worst for “THE WOW FACTOR” just for ratings. Its only when you watch local news not national do you hear the good stories coming out of the city. Also, lets do the math they were given appr 48hrs to evacuate an entire city,they implented the contra-flow to try and ease traffic being that there is only two major ways in or out of the city.Even with that it still took anywhere from 13 to 20hrs to get to Houston which in normal traffic takes less than 6 hrs. But lets not forget that the hurricane is not what has caused the damage it was the leavy break. Why did the leavies break you ask? Because funding was cut by 40% in the last four years all request for more money was denied by the Bush administration and even if the money was given the Corp of Engineers was not avail to work on the leavies because they are now in Iraq rebuilding that city. I am not doing the blame game just relating the facts. I just wish we would start taking care of our own first.

  8. Angela says:

    Prayers and more Prayers out to all of the families that have lost their loved ones. I am a single mother of two and know what a hard life is. But I can not imaging loosing everything. And I wish for the best for them.

  9. JOHN says:

    Well everyone is talking about New Orleans, Well what about Mississippi !! Mississippi was hit by Katrina NOT New Orleans! Their problem is all the pocket lining that has went on for years and not keeping the leveies in good shape for any kind of hurricane… See I use to live in MS where there was hurricane distruction(and I lost everything I owned) and not a leveie break to flood my home, point being that I do feel sorry for the people of NO , La But FEMA should not foot the bill !!!!! The city of New Orleans should and help the true victims of Katrina!!!! I do not want to sound like a S.O.B but I worked for a goverment agency that told people to leave and they did not .For what ever reason! Hell I even had to make a rescue of 6 people in the middle of the storm,, even made it in the People’s Magazine!!! You know that even rats know when to leave a sinking ship! Oh F E M A and National Flood sucks both are a big joke ! But Thank You RED CROSS and the STATE OF MISSISSIPPI for the EBT card !

  10. walisha says:

    Hurricane Katrina was a devestating experience for me. I was a senoir at Alcee Fortier and I had to move to Texas for two months. I am in Baton Rouge, LA I am seperated from my famliy. But I live with my mother uncle and aunt. I miss all of my friends because when we were at home we would always go to church or school and sometimes the mall. I miss everything and everyone and I wish that I could go home ,but I know that God did what he did for a reason and we should not question his authority or his power.

  11. rita m wanner says:

    My gosh, your article about ads on television! My now favorite station is turner movie because there are no commercials.
    1) I’m 63 and don’t know what most of the commercial are advertising 2) There are too many which causes my distraction 3) And I can’t recall where the plot let off
    Yes, I recall where there was one commercial on the half hour and it was clear for what.
    I’ve gone back to …what is the word…reading books

  12. Crystal says:

    I went through Hurricane Katrina. The photos are only a glipse of what it was like, but they are great pictures. Pray for the survivors.

  13. Cassandra says:

    Wow!!!! After reading several of the comments left at the time of the awful disaster is disheartening. To read comments like people should of left when they were told, looters are ignorant and horrible individuals, and that half of the BLACK population was on welfare is absolutely ridiculous. As a native of New Orleans I can say that the percentage of individuals are African-AMERICAN( yes americans), but like my parents and others they also were hard workers living in those areas. The true fact is that the gvt did not respond in time and there were many people who worked hard for what they had and wanted to stay behind because they did not want to leave pets, valuables or their lives behind. Please be more compassionate about those who depended on city transportation on a daily basis and did not have other means to evacuate the area which they lived in. My mom struggled on welfare for awhile to finish her education so not all people on welfare are looking for handouts from the government, and as an american that is what the gvt is there for to protect and serve when necessary for survival. The gvt seems to make more of in effort to protect and serve other countries yet so many of our Americans suffered and died due to a delayed response in action. Remember there were people of many different colors and creed that suffered but of course the poorest locations and Blacks were talked about the most. That definitely shows the ignorance in the world today, we should be offering prayers and support not comments that are speaking about the class of people living in New Orleans (Think about those judged who do not fit in that category but simple are hurt by the hateful remarks). I hope those of you who made comments about the looters know the facts, yes some looted for survival while a selective amount did it for the fact of being able to get away with this at the time and not having no consequences. The hurricane did bring out BAD people that remained in a little hole until all hell broke lose, like the rapist, shooters and looters-we cant escape that kind of behavior in any state so Facts are important before we prejudge. I thank those who put all feelings aside and offered support and praise. I hate to think that if any of you inconsiderate, one track mind individuals never have to be in a situation where you need to be rescued, use your survival skills or have no means to leave your house with your children. I had to look at this as if I was in that situation, what options would I have in 48 hours-not many!!! Compassionate Hope, Love and Support.

  14. zxevil164 says:

    mG5QJ9 Cool, bro!


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