Army Will Crack Down On Military Bloggers — Now it seems to me that they should not have done it this way. Insteqd they should have publicly warned the bloggers that sensitive information was forbidden to make the enemy aware of the problem…and privately worked with key bloggers as sources of disinformation to fool the enemey. Apparently we can’t even do something that simple any more. Instead we just stop it cold when it could have been a useful tool and weapon.

The U.S. Army is warning soldiers that posting photos on their Web logs may inadvertently reveal “vulnerabilities and tactics,” and “needlessly place lives at risk.”

Army Chief of Staff Gen. Peter Schoomaker circulated a memo to all Army personnel last week saying that “we must do a better job” at operational security — “OPSEC” in military parlance.

“Some soldiers continue to post sensitive information” on the Internet and especially on their Web logs or online diaries, wrote Schoomaker, giving as examples “photos depicting weapon system vulnerabilities and tactics, techniques and procedures.

  1. Mike Cannali says:

    Maybe this news brief was disinformation – lending credibility to planned future disinformation. Is the Army that smart? not

  2. TwelveTwo says:

    If they do this gently it’ll be fine, if they don’t they better expect the repercussions in morale.


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