New Orleans provides the world a window into the US. It says don’t expect us to help you since we can’t help ourselves. Unless you have oil. Then we will attack you.

Der Speigel
Toronto Star
South Africa

It’s up to us all to correct the things that brought this about.

  1. Edward says:

    It’s not just the outside world:,1,6942190.column?coll=la-utilities-business

    ut of course, many of us have been warning you that the “Emperor has no Clothes” since this corrupt puppet was a candidate the first time around.

  2. iamdw says:

    Dave, if we as you say “attacked” Iraq for control of oil, wouldn’t you think we wouuld have seen a steady drop on oil prices, rather than a steady incline? I’ll admit we do not have the most intelligent of leaders but our intelligence (which was agreed upon by most of the U.N. member) was flawed, but I can’t stand the arguement that the this was solely a war for control of energy supply. Further … why have we to “correct the things that brought this about”? A natural disaster occurs so we must applogize for it? We need to appoligize for an over-emphasized media slant in-order to receive a helping hand? What next, “The hurricane was caused Bush ‘cuz he hates black people” ? blah… good for you for digging stories from 2001 despite the fact that the government has been shelving the problem for decades…

  3. John L says:

    Still trying to figure out how Iraq being free is so incredibly crucial for us.

    After all the billions we’ve dropped on that place by now, if we picked up shop and left, give Iraq 2 years and it will revert back to it’s old way or get toppled.

    Very sad.


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