Atom Chip Corporation — Why does none of this sound right to me? It’s quite hard to tell if this so-called new chip is anything but a 4-way Pentium lash-up. Even so it would be difficult to not have heat problems in a laptop.

It gets more weird with the Terabyte solid state memory module. Someone sent the links asking if this was a hoax. It seems more like wishful thinking. We’ll see soon enough once the crowd looks this over. I can just say that on first inpection it doesn’t look right. And things like this do not appear out-of-the-blue like this and show up on websites with zero contact information.

That said this appears to be the next iteration of this company, Computechnics, run by Shimon Gendlin. You can do the searches yourself but he claims to have invented (or discovered) something called the Gendlin effect that makes no sense to me whatever it is. He once partnered with a Japanese inventor who claims to have invented the first floppy disc too. As far as I know the floppy was invented by a team of IBM engineers in 1971.

He put together a laptop which he is supposed to show at the 2006 CES show. You can be sure I’ll be tracking that one down. The website goes out of its way to prove that the company is actually listed in the CES catalog already. Seems a bit much.

You should be amused by all this.

Atom Chip Corporation has developed and designed the new ultra-high density, ultra-high speed and extremely compact size non-volatile integrated optoelectronic Random Access Memory (NvIOpRAM). 3.2GB of non-volatile RAM are contained in one cubic millimeter.


This Quantum-Optical technology, which is the advancement of the Quantum technology (U.S. Patent No 5,841,689, and one new patent pending.) is based on the discovered magnetic quantum-optical phenomenon in porous silicon, entitled after the name of its discoverer, the Gendlin Effect. The Quantum-Optical technology has a minimum sustained write speed of 6 gigabytes (GB) per second and a read speed of 8 GB per second.

  1. lol says:

    LMAO! looks like they made windows display GB’s As TB’s and they probobly just put stickers on their 1 or 2 GB compact flash drives that makes them appear as TB’s

  2. Observer says:

    I’m not saying it’s a hoax or otherwise, it’s just that it seems most detractors could really use a spell checker.
    Come on guys, if you’re going to establish any resemblance of credibility when attempting to criticize something, at least make it appear that you have some form of formal education.
    If you can’t spell, you can’t sell – simple as that !

  3. eross says:

    I don’t want to make assumptions on something that isn’t my forte, but this is a bit “too good to be true”. The fact that the inventor (Gendlin) has registered patents , doesn’t mean they neccasarily work…
    Take a look at this article from 1997- makes you wonder about Gendlin, doesn’t it?
    BTW – there is no relation between and the link to the atom chip site at BGU, quoted above by ShPheonix

  4. SgtDink says:

    The Oscar award is hilarious! This is the weirdest hoax ever. I commend the perps on their subtlety and hope to see more ‘technological advances’ in the future.

  5. Sergey Nemanov says:

    Sounds like a strong candidate to Pulitzer Prize for Fiction!
    A start-up company produces unhearable breakthrough in four different markets – NVRAM, RAM, CPU, Laptops – all in its first product.

  6. Chris says:

    Well, I found this info on the web if anyone in the States fancies contacting them!!! If you get a reply, forward it to me, I’d be interested in the outcome!!!

    Atom Chip Corporation
    Address: 21 ReedLane
    City: Westbury
    State: NY
    Zip: 11590
    Country: United States
    Phone: (516) 997-8999
    Fax: (516) 997-8188
    On the Web:

  7. Chris says:

    Does this company have any connection to Infinium Labs?

  8. Utopus says:

    address: Reed Lane , Westbury, NY appears to be a residential area.

  9. AC says:

    It is a residential address. You can see their house on . Search for 21 Reed Lane, Westbury, NY and click on hybrid

  10. TJ says:

    Looks like an APARTMENT BUILDING! Did he leave off the #2A on his address? LOL It’s either an apartment or a mansion compared to the other houses. Can someone drive over there and knock on the door please?

  11. Some Guy says:

    For the love of all thats good and holy I cant believe for a second that someone considered this as an actual product. One glimps of the products shows nothing more than household junk photographed badly. Do you think intel would put a picture of their best ever, world beating chip on a website when it looks like a photo of a beat up old fridge taken with a web cam. No I dont think so. wires soldered to headphone jacks can fool people into thinking its a new breakthrough in technology. Gimme a break.

  12. kevin says:

    i just pulled a muscle in my face laughing when i saw this website.

    the hoax has references!!!

    go here and click “our mission” and get ready to piss your pants when you see the picture.

  13. set_bro says:

    dude thats a diff site. yer its prolly a hoax, but ur laughing at the wrong website.

    the first hoax and the second bgu rubbish are unrelated.

  14. Markku Tauriainen says:

    They are put better web-page now so it is more ‘profesionar’ than old one 🙂 I really want that that will be true but I don’t think so…


  15. fizz says:

    yes, i alos think, this Atom Chip Co is kidding with us. there’s nor truth on that website. i tried to look through published photos with people working. there is no sence pseudo-scientist sitting and doing smth (?)

    moreover, those laptop’s photos are simple HP of Acer photos WinXP running.

    there are more reasons that prove a hoax. for example, everybodu knows, that WinXP runs only on 32-bit CPU’s. And there’s no even talk about – CPU-bit number, synchronization with memory parameters and so on. i just do not believe that man.

    even no word in his web-place “ABOUT PROJECT”.
    So, lets’ wait a bit.

  16. Duk says:

    HOAX. 100% certain, for all the many reasons cited already, and a few more.



    This is NOT funny. No news outlet should be reporting their stuff as anything other than to DEBUNK IT 100% as HOAX and LAUGH at it for COMEDY.

  17. Richard Brickley says:

    Look at this site
    At least here someone claims to have been at Atom chip’s booth and had talked to him. Also look at the comments made by ernster. Note that the last one was made today 9 Jan 2006.

  18. ranron says:

    I live like 30 seconds from that place… I think I’ll go check it out. LOL

  19. Tahir Khalid says:

    Okay this is a hoax but part clever tactics by the author.

    He has obviously worked out from reserach that magnetic optical technology has a future and knows that quantum theories are becoming reality with the new research going on.

    So what are these crooks up to? cashing in on the patent – this guy knows that when the quantum computing boom hits his patent will be there sitting and waiting to screw every legitimate person over for their hard earned cash.

    And as for Windows showing the fake info, do you know how easy it is to make windows show this information? its no more difficult than programming hello world in C – trust me its a hoax.

    Low life scums.

  20. Agung says:

    They should be persecuted…

    For scaming squander people’s money by advertising obviously fake products. I think there is a law for that isn’t it?

    To people who argue that “It could be real, someday”, yes it could be real in a sense a processor with that kind of clock rate (however people who design processors are increasingly adopt other routes to increase performance, such as multi-core or using optimized sup-units as in Cell). Terabyte solid state hardisks could be a reality soon. HD-DVD & Blue-Ray will continue to evolve to even larger capacities with more and more layers until we finally see holographic memory such as imagined in yester years comes to being.
    But not by people such as these. With silly “technology” such as “nanomicron”. What an oxymoron term!
    Look at their packaging! Any one who knows about high-speed data communication will know how much every mm of leads and wires will be taken into consideration. The higher the speed the more precise the construction should be. You wouldn’t want to use phono plug type of connections for such applications…

  21. Agung says:

    I have to add more bits…

    Assuming that it was indeed real (The CPU). Then obviously it is x86 compatible to be able to run Windows..he? ; ) Everybody knows how difficult it is to port Windows to other architectures.
    As for showing the speed/performance, shouldn’t they run some heavy tasks such as rendering movie quality animations in realtime?
    And what with their insistence on using laptop forms for their demo products? Why not some shiny mini-tower-supercomputers?
    They absolutely need to be hosed!!!

  22. systemsdown says:

    I love it! evry1’s just pissed coz they never thought of it! Let em be!

  23. Sir Joe says:

    Dear Mr. Dvorak

    What the hell are you talking about? “(What wrong with this picture?)” I’ll tell you whats wrong with this picture, You are! You will never be rich enouph or anyone of substantial importance in this world with your foolish simply minded thoughts and ideas. Wake UP!! Mr. Dvorak the world is not flat any more and people can fly, in planes, stop living in the 1800s man what are you old or something. I know you are a blogger but even bloggers should get there facts straight once in a while. First of all this technology is possible because it is based on “Quantum Physics” something which you know absolutely nothing about because you did not even take your time to learn the basic facts about this science which you would have learn if you would have taken your time interview at least one of the many engineers that worked on this project and this technology had been a working progress since 1995 that more or less when they started. Oh and by the way when a man makes a great discovery or a product he usually does not tell the common people because most are stupid, ignorant and will not appreciate the new ideas that is why Christopher Columbus went to the Queen of Spain, The Wright brothers to a good business man, and The “Atom Chip Corporation” went to “Intell” because these people were smart enouph to understand these ideas and help them. Unlike you Mister old operating system, Mister I have 2 houses and one of them is actually a computer from the 1950s and only has kilobits of info and big light bulbs that flash on and of with the computing power less than that of a simply calculator.

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