Warning: gratuitous 70’s reference ahead -> I bet Cheech and Chong would volunteer to do the medical research.

High Times for Brain Growth: Marijuana-like drug multiplies neurons – In the stoner stereotype, pot smokers and dying brain cells go hand in hand. However, new research suggests the situation may be more uplifting than that. A drug that functions as concentrated marijuana does may spur neurogenesis, the process by which the brain gives birth to new nerve cells.

Previous research had suggested that neurogenesis happens only in select locations in the brain, such as the hippocampus, a region involved in learning and memory. Some studies have shown that this process is inhibited by most illicit drugs, such as cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine. However, says Xia Zhang of the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, marijuana’s effect on neurogenesis has not been clear.

  1. RTaylor says:

    This would make the perfect replacement crop for hurting tobacco farmers in the South. It could be cheap, and they could get it in an inhaler so it would be easy on the lungs. Some things may not get done, but life would be more pleasant. 😉

  2. Obviousman says:

    Then what drug dulls your dinosaur-sized Bush & fascist apologist brain Paul T.?

  3. JG says:

    Aww. Poor Cheech & Chong, their shtik forever to be remembered (?) as linked to the 70’s era of freewheeling dopeheads, before the Reaganites appeared and branded such people as losers, airheads, etc. I actually met Cheech Marin once (in ’71, before their name got big), and he struck me as a quite intelligent and educated guy. Their humor? Mostly throwaway, once in a while very funny.

    After all these years of being around and observing pot smokers, it seems that the problem with it, if there is one, is that it makes lazy people become lazier, i.e. a “daydreamer’s drug”. Folks with a lot of drive and ambition, with a few exceptions, seem to not like it much, find it too disorienting. There were also some who did it just to be cool, and they renounced it willy-nilly when the Reaganites came to power.
    A lot of women tend to dislike it, especially if they have a strong ‘mothering’ instinct in them.

    It enhances sensual pleasures, such as eating, sex, listening to music etc. which I suppose is why it appeals to those with strong hedonistic tendencies. The munchies can make you gain weight.

    If you are an artist or musician, it can enhance creative ideation a little, but don’t expect to get much rote practicing done!

    So, why are people still sent to the slammer (or saddled with large legal bills) over it? I don’t know, but I suspect that the conservative mindset recalls the Vietnam war protesters and considers them responsible for losing that conflict, and perhaps wants to continue to punish them for it.

    I for one don’t think it should be totally legalized though. Society has a fairly good argument when it says that it has enough problems with all the other substances that get over-used (most much worse than marijuana). But who cares if lazy people want to get lazier? All the more opportunities for the ambitious ones.

    Sneeking off into the woods with your pals is kinda fun, too, actually.

    How about, “Don’t ask. Don’t tell”?

  4. Pat says:

    Paul Theodoropoulos

    I can see how all those drugs have addled your brain. You still can’t find the shift key to capitalize your sentences.

  5. mike cannali says:

    What is the link between Alzheimer’s and pot – I forget

  6. lee jones says:

    a dub a day keeps soberness away

  7. jgls says:


  8. abbie says:


  9. i think weed is good for the body they need to make it legall for people to smoke

  10. Oldhippy says:

    I saw research that indicated that pot inhibits the formation of plaque, which causes Alzheimer desease.

    So do you want to forget a little now or everything later?

  11. Marijuana will be legalized in the next 5-10 years tops.


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