– Rice praises Miers for having ‘probing intellect’

— Not new news, but still needed to get blogged!

WASHINGTON (AP) — Criticism of Harriet Miers as an unqualified crony of the president is unfounded, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Sunday, praising the Supreme Court nominee for a “probing intellect” that will make her a great justice.

President Bush last month chose Miers, a longtime confidante who has never been a judge, to replace retiring Justice Sandra Day O’Connor. Since then, Miers’ nomination has caused division among conservatives, who say it was a risky choice because she was a blank slate on issues such as abortion and gay rights.

  1. James says:

    Take it from a probing intellect!

  2. Sounds the Alarm says:

    Damn James – you stole my comment!!

  3. Lance Baldwin says:

    And most conservatives (me included) think her probing intellect is not even suited for digging through a dumpster, but if she gets that nomination, I’ll be okay.

    P.S. I’d rather have a Bork moderate than a Miers conservative.

  4. pendrake says:

    Oh, and also, those Iraqi aluminum tubes? The only purpose they ever possibly could have served was for enriching uranium. Look, when the voice of authority speaks, who are we to question?

  5. Mike Cannali says:

    Come on, shouldn’t the mediocre also have representation on the highest court too? All us ordinary citizens need someone on the high bench who can identify with the majority of voters and elected officials.

  6. Rance Bleester says:

    Probing for Intellect
    starring Condo “Leeza” Rice, Georgie “The BrushCutter” Bush, and Harriet Meirs, aka The Texas Twirler

    You’ve seen the comment…now see the movie!
    Filmed in widescreen, cranked-up Bush-O-Vision with the awesome, earsplitting-sound of Double-Quad-Dolby and
    starring the globe-trotting spinster with-an-attitude , Condo “Leeza” Rice in her role of-a-lifetime as a poor, abandoned
    ex-Stanford provost and hack pianist probing the wilds of Crawford, Texas for a thing called “Intellect”.
    Will she find this “Intellect” after all of her meticulous probing? And if she does, what will she do with it? Pickle it

    and put it in a jar? And what the dickens is this thing they call “Intellect”, anyways?
    In one of the most suspenseful movies ever made, feel the tension as Leeza and Georgie arm-wrestle over who gets to cut

    cringe in your seat as you watch 5 whole minutes of Bush bicycling until he falls down;
    be consumed with an unnatural lust as Harriet Meirs takes over Jack’s Smokehouse and twirls them tassels like it’s never

    been done before;
    and try not to bite off your fingernails at the thrilling climax as, in her final probe, Leeza beats the crap out of

    PeeWee Herman and discovers
    “this thing they call Intellect” ….or does she???
    Cameos by:
    PeeWee Herman, reprising his famous “I was just watchin’ the movie” role;
    Tonto, Bush’s bicycle that just won’t stay up;
    Michael Brown, as the mysterious man who eats dinner;
    and the lovable Sponge Bob Square Pants as the jilted lover.

    Coming Soon to a video store B-rack near you!!!

  7. mike cannali says:

    Gee, with that tongue, GW has missed his calling.


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