BBC NEWS | World | Americas | Miers debacle hits struggling president — An article on the BBC about Miers withdrawl had this one interesting comment:

Democrats have not had to lift a finger to create the turmoil that now surrounds the Bush presidency.

Apparently the Dems are so lost that eventually we’ll just have TWO Republican parties bickering. Why not?

  1. Mike Voice says:

    The deal was, Democrats make it easy for Bush to pick whoever he wants to sit on the bench, and the Republicans leave the filibuster issue alone

    So sad that I had already forgotten about all the Nuclear Option rhetoric that was being spouted “back then”. Seems like ancient history, in our short-attention-span, headline news world. :(

    I was missing that piece of the puzzle, in trying to determine what the “devious planning in the works” might be. (tip ‘o the hat – again – to American Soldier)