Does anyone but me think the iPOD is getting into everything?

  1. Ima Fish says:

    John, your choice of picture saddens me. Think of all the drive and ambition Jobs has, and in the end his biggest success is selling really small music players. It’s no wonder our country is dying. Even the most successful are wasting their time in trivial pursuits.

  2. Andrew S says:


    You couldn’t be more correct. iPod/Apple want to be in everything that thay can. They’re milking the cash cow and doing a pretty good job too and I don’t the cow is going dry anytime soon.

  3. Seeing ipod vending machines at the airport is both exciting and disturbing. IPod is everywhere, including my coat pocket.

  4. Rob Barac says:

    I caught an interveiw with you on Canadian radio last week during a blizzard John.

    And while I have always appreciated your writing, and usually agreed with it, your take on Apple and Jobs sounded purile. Good on him for doing something well, many of us great unwashed masses can only hope to find that one thing that we can be passionate about.

  5. kzoodata says:

    Our country is dying? Hmm. The swansong of America is the swansong of Steve Jobs? Sheesh. The iPod is not the last technical advance that will come out of Apple. But the idea here is that the iPod is everywhere, not because Jobs is pushing it relentlessly, but because the world is buying it. PDA’s used to be everywhere, too, they’re FINALLY starting to die out, morphing into multifunction cell phones. iPods will morph into something else as well. The iPhone is probably just down the road – video, MP3 player, PIM all rolled into one.

    Wake me when I can tap my iCommunicator and get beamed back to the ship.

  6. Monty says:

    The iPod is everywhere – and deservedly so. It is a quality product. What is astounding to me is how pathetic the competition still is. They have had years to catch up, and they still have not caught the first generation iPod yet. It is a scary state that the PC industry can not duplicate a product that has been around for years.


  7. pendrake says:

    Great picture, John! Steve Jobs, the ghost of Christmas Future, haunting Captain Kirk before he knew he was captain! Did you create that one?

    Gotta hand it to Jobs. He has figured out how to meld technology with something everyone loves:music (and by extension, entertainment). He’s made it accessible, cool, and he’s made it look easy. And by the way, as Edison said, it’s 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration. So don’t go begrudging him…

    The only other franchise on the planet that’s making it look this easy is Google.

  8. AB CD says:

    Did you know Shatner was actually in another Twilight Zone episode as well? It was about a couple that stays in a town because of a restaurant table’s figurine that gives predictions for a dime.


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