– It’s a jungle out there — This has “bust” written all over it.

Last week Universal acknowledged that “King Kong” costs shot up to $207 million when the studio agreed to add a half hour — at a cost of $32 million — to Peter JacksonPeter Jackson’s great-ape epic.

Most of that cost ($1 million per minute) is due to more f/x. Jackson has agreed to pick up the bulk of that overages tab on the now-three-hour pic.

via C. Coulter

  1. Ima Fish says:

    This will certainly be Jackson’s “Heaven’s Gate.” It’ll destroy his career. Until he does the original Hobbit. Then it’ll be over.

  2. Dylan Neild says:

    This will certainly be Jackson’s “Heaven’s Gate.” It’ll destroy his career. Until he does the original Hobbit. Then it’ll be over.

    A comment I’d be more likely to agree with if either of us had actually seen the finished movie.

    That’s some gooooood trolling there, Fish.

  3. Lindsay says:

    Why would ti destroy his career ? I haven’t seen any evidence its going to be a boondoggle. I don’t imagine its going to be a huge success like LOTR either though, most likely a moderatly successfull blockbuster.

    I would really like to see the hobbit though.

    Also a re-release of “Bad Taste” would be brilliant, certainley give the LOTR beanie boppers a shock 🙂

  4. Ima Fish says:

    Neild: So expressing an honest opinion is now “trolling”?! You’re in the wrong forum. You should head over to Slashdot and start wasting your mod points.

    I made a prediction. If I’m wrong I’m wrong. If I’m right I’m right. Get over it.

    Lindsay: I’d love to see Jackson’s interpretation of the Hobbit too.

  5. Obviousman says:

    What a waste.

    We’d be better off using the money to send some kids to college or to fix our crumbling infrastructure. How many average people’s health care would that cover, I wonder???

    Priorities are a little fucked up in the world when people spend this kind of money on “monkey business” @ the same time the South’s been smashed by what seems like 100 hurricanes.

  6. Obviousman says:

    C. Coulter, could you get your relative Ann to stop her ridiculous rants & enlist since we need the troops. They should put her in the same jail cell as Saddam, Libby, Rove, Cheney, Dumbsfeld, Condoleeza Rice, damn near everyone @ the fascist pig Fox News, Rupert Murdoch, & our constantly on vacation expert President Of Incompetence – all together in a nice Guantanamo prison & let John McCain take out some POW frustration on the whole formerly friendly crew of war criminals. Throw in Brownie of FEMA if they need food & water.

  7. kzoodata says:

    I could see spending lots of money on something that hadn’t been done before (the entire LOTR epic for example), but how many Kong films are there? How much more can be brought to the table?I mean, once a franchise spawns an original video game, chances are the party’s over!

    I likely won’t go to see this. Maybe I’ll rent it. Maybe. Ah well.

  8. Thomas says:

    If it turns out like Water World, it will prevent Jackson from ever making another block buster again. Certainly, it will prevent him from making one without tigher controls. And at 207 mil, it’s making Water World look like a commerical.

  9. pendrake says:

    I bet it will be fantastic and make a $ billion. Who cares how much it cost to make?

  10. Doker says:

    Yawn… who wants to see yet another boring Hollywood monster / disaster movie. King Kong = Godzilla 2!


  11. Pat says:

    FYI, Water World has made a profit. It took DVD and world sales to do it, but it isn’t the money hole a lot people think it is. Bad story though.

  12. Angel H. Wong says:

    Have you noticed that monster movies based on monsters created outside the USA are often killed by the “glorious” US army? While crap like king kong is given a lot of kisses? I do remember that in the previous king kong movies they gave the big ape a wife, a son and even they gave him an artificial heart.

    All it needs now is a “who’s this ape’s daddy?” Jerry springer show.


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