Admit it. It’s a common problem everyone’s faced. You wake up in the morning wondering, “Where were UFOs sighted last May?” and had nowhere to look. Well, now you do.

Hooking into Google Maps, these people have created a visual indication of reported sightings. Make sure to click on a UFO to get the details on a sighting.

They’ve also created some other interesting maps using the same system.

  1. Eideard says:

    How can they not have UFO’s in New Mexico on their map? We invented the concept.

  2. James says:

    Haha! I thought it was supposed to be us ‘Rednecks’ in the midwest that always said “look ma! there’s one of those fly-ity thingies again…”

    Looks like you east and west costers have the cook market all wrapped up… Thanks for that. We have enough stereo-types down here anyway…

  3. Inge says:

    Here is an other interesting example. The Santa tracking system. See


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