The Q-BE measures
24 x 24 x 24 mm

The makers of Q-BE say that it is the world’s smallest MP3 player.

A couple good pics with short commentary are [here].
Q-BE’s website is [here].

  1. NumLock says:

    The thumb tack is for hitting the pause without hitting next track.

  2. Fits anywhere, go on try it!

    Aside from that being the most annoying flash site in a while, I’m always disappointed when I see product design that takes a good idea but mimicks the mainstream players. Now I know they didn’t invent the circular menu — but c’mon, even the engraved icons look shufflesk! Small or not, original it isn’t.

  3. Frank Rizzo says:


    Did you hire one of the Slashdot editors to help with your site?

    Here is the same product which was reviewed in August in PC Mag.,1759,1849809,00.asp

    Q-Be is MobiBLU in the Americas.

    Nothing new here, move along.

  4. Max Exter says:

    I just don’t trust an MP3 Player that I might accidentally swallow.

    – ME –

  5. Kevin says:

    Getting closer to the killerest app of them all: a mini-MP3 player WRISTWATCH with BLUETOOTH so you can use w/ wireless headphones.

    Oh Lord, I want one so bad, won’t somebody make it?

  6. KB says:

    Frank Rizzo,
    As a matter of fact, it so happens that I ran this one past John before I posted it. And your mentioning that Q-Be is MobiBlu was covered in the link I gave. It also mentions that the product is not new. So your comment offers nothing new.
    As has been mentioned numerous times, we do not post only this week’s breaking news. You will even find topics which go back several years. If that’s not to your taste, move on.


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