The gal on the right needs her injection via a doughnut

BBC NEWS | Health | Obesity stops jabs hitting target — I resisted blogging this as long as I could! But I knew one of the editors would do it anyway!

Lead researcher Dr Victoria Chan, based the Adelaide and Meath Hospital, said: “Our study has demonstrated that a majority of people, especially women, are not getting the proper dosage from injections to the buttocks.

“There is no question that obesity is the underlying cause. We have identified a new problem related, in part, to the increasing amount of fat in patients’ buttocks.”

  1. Incognito says:

    God Euros are hot.


  2. RTaylor says:

    Incognito I suggest you really travel Europe and look around. I don’t mean just the trendy metro areas. Any decent nurse knows about this. You take one look, and if needed you give the IM in the deltoids or elsewhere. This is just more hyped news coverage of a non-story.

  3. Norway is starting to look a bit to much like the one on the right..

  4. MikeS says:

    I’m a Canadian living in Switzerland. Most women here in their twenties or older look like the hot babe on the left. Sadly the teenagers and younger are going to be a lot heavier. In the 5 years I’ve lived here, they’ve only gotten bigger…

  5. Incognito says:

    Euros are still hot.

  6. mike cannali says:

    Anytime the girl on the left needs an injection, I’m ready.


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