And I thought the McFlurry makers
were creepy.

Egg McMuffin Maker Watch the flash videos. There’s even an interactive one where you can “try it out,” in case someone dropped you on your head as a child and you need help.

Of course, they can’t call it an Egg McMuffin maker– but that’s what it is. The part I don’t understand: If the meat has to be precooked, what exactly good is the product? OK, I lied: That’s not the only part I don’t understand.

A good friend of mine from college would have called this product “tasteful.” If you understand what he meant, you will understand why I needed to blog this.

  1. mike cannali says:

    Next it will be instant Twinkies

  2. Joe Dirt says:

    4 minutes to make, 15 minutes to clean up. So how does it save time?

  3. site admin says:

    The key is to never clean up.

  4. Imafish says:

    Considering you have to cook the meat separately and clean it, I just don’t get the point. There are microwave versions of these sandwiches that would be a lot less work, faster, and easier to clean up after.

  5. Incognito says:

    I Mcsmell something.


  6. exhook says:

    I just buy them at 7-11! From the freezer to the microwave in one easy minute,

  7. Floyd says:

    This is “Yet Another Single Purpose Appliance That Nobody Really Needs.” Other recent examples of useless appliances (all from Amazon) include the “s’mores maker,” (ask any Girl Scout) power jar opener, quesedilla maker, etc. ad nauseam.

    Making McMufins is easy. You buy precooked sausage patties at the grocery store, use a regular toaster to do the english muffins, fry eggs and heat up the sausage topped with cheese in a skillet, and eat.

  8. Sean says:

    LOL! I was just laughing at this on the week-end, I saw it on sale at Wal-Mart…. what a useless invention 🙂

  9. K B says:

    Thanks, Per. Aahhhh… more stocking stuffers….

  10. KB says:

    Tonight, about 3 weeks from the day of my post, I actually put my hands on one of these appliances in a Target store. No, not to buy, just to say I had touched it. I felt just like I had been double-dog-dared to do it. Afterward, I felt dirty.

  11. Out4Blood says:

    I’m occasionally as cynical as you all, but I love mine. My wife said no way, but her dad bought one for me for Christmas.

    You scoffers have probably never tried to make an Egg McMuffin. Frying an egg is a LOT more work, and also messier. Besides, you want a poached egg, not a fried one. When’s the last time any of you poached an egg? It’s tricky to get right and time comsuming to do, since you generally end up using a lot more water than necessary, and still don’t get it right. This thing poaches an egg perfectly everytime and does it all in 5 min. It costs me 86 cents to make my own (vs. 1.99 at McD) and takes me a total of 8 min, including prep, cook, and clean up – I get ready to walk out the door while it actually cooks.

    This takes up as much space as a toaster (our 12 year-old toaster happily broke over Christmas) and gets used twice as much. BTW, it takes all of 30 seconds to clean up, just blot up the condensated water and wipe the non-stick cup out.

    (And pleeeease don’t mention the freezer-to-microwave abominations. Yuck!)

  12. Gadget Freak says:

    I read all the comments and thought, “don’t knock it until you try it”. I bought this unit and we’ve been using it faithfully for a year with minor complaints. The pieces are top-shelf dishwasher safe – it does it RIGHT the FIRST time and it’s EASY – CHEAP – CONVENIENT! Ye of little faith! You can toss out your regular toaster (or keep a 4-slicer on the side like we do) but we use this unit as a toaster on the days we do not want an egg-muffin. Best small appliance we’ve bought in a LONG time. Ham is “pre-cooked” so this unit just heats it up for you – why not use just this unit instead of using a stove and toaster. Sorry you nay-sayers – we LOVE this little appliance and will replace it when it no longer works.


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