Mozilla Corporation – Home of the Firefox web browser and Thunderbird email client — As a big fan of Forefox I now wonder why they’ve made a big point of changing from to Any ideas? IPO anyone? Or what?

Meanwhile get the new version 1.5 here.
It’s all the rage and the browser preferred by Dvorak Uncensored readers.

  1. A_B says:

    Oftentimes, the use of “.com” over “.org” is simply because most web users never even think of “org” when looking for a particular website. If you want to expand beyond a niche, you have to start meeting your customers’ expectations, even if it requires “dumbing down” the product.

    The 10% of Internet users using Firefox already are probably savvy enough to know the difference between “org” and “com”, but if Mozilla wants to expand beyond “savvy web users”, then they’re going to have to start catering to people who are a bit clueless.

    Alternatively, I can see guys in marketing saying, “‘org’ is kind of flakey. If we want to look like we have our act together, we have to use ‘com.’ We don’t want middle America thinking this is just a browser for techno-nerds that got bored tinkering around with Linux.” (not that it is, but I can see some guys in marketing having this discussion)

  2. Greg says:

    Except it’s not just a .com vs. a .org. There actually is a Mozilla Corporation now.

    Formed on August 3, 2005, Mozilla Corporation oversees the development and distribution of Mozilla technologies and products . . .
    Mozilla Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Mozilla Foundation . . . The Foundation provides organizational, legal, and financial support for the Mozilla open source software project, and governs the actions of Mozilla Corporation.

    I don’t have a clue about the purpose/implications of this. I’m sure one of the developers explained it in their blog somewhere, but I haven’t been paying close enough attention to know.

  3. laineypie says:

    hey why you trying to convert everyone to firefox??? Is it to make mon ey off of us??

    haha i dont care either way i siwtched


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