Signaling Vulnerabilities in Wiretapping Systems — They just now discovered this? Yikes.

In a research paper appearing in the November/December 2005 issue of IEEE Security and Privacy, we analyzed publicly available information and materials to evaluate the reliability of the telephone wiretapping technologies used by US law enforcement agencies. The analysis found vulnerabilities in widely fielded interception technologies that are used for both “pen register” and “full audio” (Title III / FISA) taps. The vulnerabilities allow a party to a wiretapped call to disable content recording and call monitoring and to manipulate the logs of dialed digits and call activity. These countermeasures do not require cooperation with the called party, elaborate equipment, or special skill. Preliminary drafts of the paper have been made available to the law enforcement community;

  1. Alan says:


    I was listening to one of the TWiT episodes while coding and missed something, but the audience was shouting “NO SPAM!” You get no spam? How’s that? (Finding the spot in the podcast where the hosts or you explained this proved too dificult. Man, podcasts are inaccessibe. Personally I think blogs and podcasts generally have one major weakness: It’s hard to find the information you’re looking for! Now, if it’s really a keeping-you-updated blog, such as the IE dev team’s, that’s more or less OK. But for some other uses — say, the admissions counselors at MIT — it’s not. I’m not digging through a blog post-by-post to find out what they think of, say, AP courses. And I’m not going to listen to 15 minutes of a podcast again to find out why you get no spam.)

    Why don’t you get spam?


  2. Awake says:

    Great, now they can’t read this message because I superimposed a ‘C-note’ over the conversation, and the web page no longer exists. My security measures are fabulous! I guess that I can throw my encrypted phone, “pay as I go” cellphone and all those other contraptions in the garbage.

  3. mike cannali says:

    Wiretapping is now passe’
    keyloggers are the new trick
    Remember the line from Godfather 2
    – Hyman Roth: “We’re (the Mafia) now bigger than US Steel.”,1895,1893610,00.asp
    Or is it now “US Steal”


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