British entrepreneur Richard Branson has chosen New Mexico for the launch pad of his planned space tourism flights, state officials said Thursday.

Details of the agreement are scheduled to be unveiled in New Mexico on December 14 when Branson will fly in for a news conference, Economic Development Secretary Rick Homans said.

“We are very excited to announce our partnership with Virgin Galactic next week. It has been a dream in New Mexico for 15 years to build a spaceport and Richard Branson has a dream to take people into space and together we will make that happen,” he said.

Actually, we’ve had a number of spaceports in New Mexico for years. They’ve only been for landings, though. This one will include taking-off.

  1. Paul Stewart says:

    It’s amazing what folks can actully accomplish with a clear goal.

    Not that I can actually consider going for a ride, one trip @ $200K.

    I might reconsider when there is a Virgin Moon Base if they could deliver on all the name implies.

    What goes on in Outer Space Stays In Outer Space

  2. Paul Stewart says:

    Oh yea and don’t miss this related story about saving your Virgin Miles

  3. Smith says:

    If these guys can actually get a commercial space program to work then good for them. But folks, they haven’t actually invented some new mode of space flight. In fact, all they have acutally done is duplicate technology that has been available for decades.

  4. AB CD says:

    >number of spaceports in New Mexico for years. They’ve only been for landings

    Didn’t know you believed in the Roswell fantasies.

  5. Moss says:

    There are a few city councils in NM that have “authorized” landing pads for alien vehicles. I imagine that’s the tongue-in-cheek reference.

  6. Eideard says:

    By the bye, so far, 38,000 folks have layed down deposits on flights!


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