Concerned Women for America – CWA Announces 2005 Prince of Pomposity Winner — This is rich, me and Al Gore painted with the same brush. I’m demanding a plaque or something. I’ll probably have to go to the t-shirt shop for a “All I got for the Pomposity Award was this lousy t-shirt.”

Here we were nearing the end of 2005 and Concerned Women for America (CWA) didn’t have a winner for our annual “Prince of Pomposity’ (PP) award. But as happens in this magical season, our Prince appeared in the nick of time.

It seems Dvorak is all scrooged-up because, like Al Gore, a previous PP winner who “invented” the Internet, Dvorak was expecting ubiquitous acclaim once ICANN approved his “creation.” So rather than having a civil discussion with me after reading my column, Dvorak spilled some yellow ink on us in his column Ubiquitous Porn: Alive on the Net, which was also posted on the Web sites of Fox News and ABC News.

And if you want to read something that actually is pompous, then read the entire press release. Talk about an exercise in narcissism. But they did win this round.

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  1. site admin says:

    Looks like it is still posted…try again!

  2. TakeIT2 says:

    Ruth Parasol made $1.8 billion on and had her start in Porn. While Jan LaRue, Esq. is busy with their proselytizing real women are out working. Women work in all kinds of Professional capacities though it seems some professions, their charms and their influence can be made so tawdry by petty jealousy. It’s hard to tell the difference sometimes between lawyers and prostitutes, especially when they are screamers. Sometimes we think thee doth protest too loudly. Kinda makes you wonder who’s sleeping with the enemy. If BS walks and money talks you have to wonder as well who has more influence at ICANN. If the .xxx domain was to be the ghetto paradise saving grace of the Internet we might have another woman to thank for getting us kicked out of it. And people complain there are not enough women in tech. Will the real women of tech please stand up

  3. Ellis Strange says:

    What can I say in congratulations on your award that hasn’t been said. The CWA has made you a model of everything anyone could hope to be. Of course the Gore analogy is a little unfortunate but what the hell – could have been a Bush analogy.

  4. AB CD says:

    How would a .xxx domain work? Does this ban porn from the rest of the net, and if so how are you deciding what goes where? Seems like it would get thrown out with the other laws.

  5. ryno says:

    Their site, I believe, makes the case that all extreme right-wingers who want to marry church and state so we can live in a more fascist society – their sites must have a .bible or .bbl domain. This way, I could block their narrow minded rhetoric from my kids eyes.
    “Why do you need to be saved?” – PLEASE – more like “Why do you need to be saved from our lack of vision and independent thought?”

  6. Pat says:

    I like the way you think.
    Why did you assume that “Bob” is a man? He / she could be a man in name only.

    Let’s get something clear and dispel a myth. Gore never claimed to have “invented the Internet”. He helped foster and promote the concept as a legislator, which is what he said.. I would think though, given Gore’s honesty and track record, that to be given the same award would truly be an honor. I would much rather share the smallest award with Gore then all the “awards” of dubya.

  7. Mark says:

    I am a Christian and would like to apologize for our lack of education. It seems the worst of us often get the platform. However, I would like to challenge you to really keep and open mind, not one in theory only. It is easy to find a mistake and paint all positions with the same brush. Not all that we support is illogical.
    For instance? Creationism vs. Evolution. You mentioned it in your blog. No science, right? Tell that to Anthony Flew, the eminent British Atheist. He recently became a Deist, not a Christian, mind you, but a convert to belief that something more than impersonal forces created the world. Why? The science has led him to do so. It seems that life is so precariously balanced in this universe that many cosmologists are coming to the conclusion that the Universe was “tuned” for life, Dr. Flew included. I can only applaud a great intellect for real open-mindedness. However, I realize that many of us have pushed true seekers away because of our lack of thinking. May your mind remain open for truth.

  8. site admin says:

    Mark, I don’t take these things too seriously. I get more flak from regular readers regarding just about anything. When I write vitreolic material I have to expect return fire. This was pretty funny. I’m going to demand a plaque though!

  9. AB CD says:

    >Let’s get something clear and dispel a myth. Gore never claimed to >have “invented the Internet”.

    Yeah, that’s because he said:

    During my service in the United States Congress, I took the initiative in creating the Internet. I took the initiative in moving forward a whole range of initiatives that have proven to be important to our country’s economic growth and environmental protection, improvements in our educational system.

    And he wasn’t even in Congress when DARPA was creating the internet.

    He also took credit for the Earned Income Tax Credit, and claimed to have discovered Love Canal. Then there’s his Vietnam war stories that never happened, and claiming to have fought tobacco ever since his sister’s death.

  10. mike Cannali says:

    You should propose this as an general architecture for the individual’s personal elective selection or rejection of information based on content at the desktop. The concept applies to more than rejection or acceptance based on XXX. There are legitmate reasons why essential and emergency services would need catagorization of content on the server side as well.

  11. mike Cannali says:

    I never liked Gore – always found him stiff and boring – but let’s be fair. I saw the complete audio of his remarks on how he “got it” early and helped push for funding for the Internet. His creating the Internet remarks were taken out of context – how unusual in politics.

  12. AB CD says:

    Umm, Gore wasn’t in Congress to do anything when the internet was being invented. That he was merely excited about the technology and was trying to attach himself to it is possible, but given his claims about Love Canal and the tax credit, as well as fighting in Vietnam(when he was a journalist,) I think lying is the best explanation.