Concerned Women for America – CWA Announces 2005 Prince of Pomposity Winner — This is rich, me and Al Gore painted with the same brush. I’m demanding a plaque or something. I’ll probably have to go to the t-shirt shop for a “All I got for the Pomposity Award was this lousy t-shirt.”

Here we were nearing the end of 2005 and Concerned Women for America (CWA) didn’t have a winner for our annual “Prince of Pomposity’ (PP) award. But as happens in this magical season, our Prince appeared in the nick of time.

It seems Dvorak is all scrooged-up because, like Al Gore, a previous PP winner who “invented” the Internet, Dvorak was expecting ubiquitous acclaim once ICANN approved his “creation.” So rather than having a civil discussion with me after reading my column, Dvorak spilled some yellow ink on us in his column Ubiquitous Porn: Alive on the Net, which was also posted on the Web sites of Fox News and ABC News.

And if you want to read something that actually is pompous, then read the entire press release. Talk about an exercise in narcissism. But they did win this round.

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  1. mike Cannali says:

    I never liked Gore – always found him stiff and boring – but let’s be fair. I saw the complete audio of his remarks on how he “got it” early and helped push for funding for the Internet. His creating the Internet remarks were taken out of context – how unusual in politics.

  2. AB CD says:

    Umm, Gore wasn’t in Congress to do anything when the internet was being invented. That he was merely excited about the technology and was trying to attach himself to it is possible, but given his claims about Love Canal and the tax credit, as well as fighting in Vietnam(when he was a journalist,) I think lying is the best explanation.


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