Was Dave Chappelle Destroyed by Political Correctness? — This tale is incredible and I advise everyone to read it. Apparently a documentary is being done in the background further describing this tale. Is it true? We’ll all know eventually. One name that crops up in all this is the lovable Bill Cosby as someone who allegedly worked every angle to get Chappelle to essentially stop being black. Cosby had previously been working his magic to destory all the copies of the old Amos and Andy Show in the 1950’s.

Then again this could be Chappelle’s idea of an elaborate hoax Andy Kaufman style.

This account of Dave Chappelle’s fall from grace has been pieced together by me, a retired public relations executive who wishes to remain anonymous. my contacts, many of whom were closely related to the individuals involved, enabled me to fairly accurately recount the events that took place. You can take this for what you wish, but it is the truth — the abhorrent byproduct of the industry I used to hold to such a high esteem.

I have written this account without the need for embellishments or exaggerations for the truth is appalling enough. Let this site serve as a drawn curtain to the entertainment industry which is blindly adored by the entire world.

I immediately spidered this site. When you read it you’ll know why. Apparently another site with this tale is already gone.

found by Martin Higgins

  1. Eric says:

    I smell a hoax. Season 3 will is soon to be aired–has viral marketing jumped the shark?

  2. Steve Imafish Newlin says:

    I read about this site first on digg. I then went back to digg to read the comments and the link was gone. Completely. I searched the entire site and it was not to be found. Very strange.

    As to whether the story is true… it’s believable in the sense that both Oprah and Cosby would be against his show. Obviously they’d hate it.

    But when it says that they teamed up with Sharpton and Farrakhan, I find it hard to believe. Especially the allegations that lives were threatened.

    But what really convinces me its a scam is that article talks about specific documents left at the hotel where the “Dark Crusaders” met, without any link to them. The writer made it pretty clear that he read them personally, but why not scan and link to them? That’d be the perfect proof. I think we know the answer to that.

  3. Another Surfer says:

    This is a lawyer’s every dream: the never ending string of lawsuits. Courts across the country will be tied up with the ensuing soap opera. I just wish I was an attorney right now, writing the torts, racking up unimaginable fees.

    Is it real? We’ll never know! That’s the beauty! Everyone will settle out of court in about ten years, and several prime pieces of real estate will change hands with the newly found settlements. Ah, to be a lawyer…..

  4. Dave Drews says:

    Try clicking on disclaimer on the first page.

  5. Bob says:

    No really, it was a Republican plot from the beginning, W was behind it all. Honestly Dvorak, if your taking this seriously you must have really lost it as bad as Chappelle. Think about it for a second. Sharpton and Winfrey actually sneaking into his house at nights? Even if you take that seriously, both could easily send one of thier lackeys.

  6. SignOfZeta says:

    Jeez you are gullible sometimes…

  7. Robert Nichols says:

    Nice prose. I realized it was a prank at about the same time (Oprah leaning over his bed and threatening him), but kept reading anyway. Very entertaining.

    P.S. The local site admin rarely takes things seriously (IMHO). It wouldn’t have been nearly as entertaining if he’d posted it as a prank. Glad I read it before there were any comments.

  8. site admin says:

    Hey dorks, I suggested that it was a possible hoax. That said, the guy did disappear for some unknown reason. And the Oprah over the bed was played as a “dream sequence…”

    If it turns out that this was part of the marketing scheme that got Chappelle $50 mil..I wouldn’t be surprised. In fact, I never believed the $50 mil deal either. I mean, come on!

    Meanwhile it’s a great read! At least Nichols has a clue.

  9. Eli says:

    I call BS!

  10. Robert Kershaw says:

    How do you “spider” a web site??

  11. Robert Nichols says:

    I like Spiderzilla myself. It’s basically a front end for the HTTrack Website Copier. Haven’t tried it with FIreFox 1.5 yet though.

    Copies the entire website down to your hard disc for offline browsing (plane, etc.).

    I assume that’s what John meant, although it’s possible he meant something else.

  12. site admin says:

    NO..it’s what I meant. I often copy an entire site to the hard disk with such a program for offline viewing. This site is so funny that it’s a keeper. I figure it’s slanderous enough that it will eventually be taken down.

  13. David says:

    Actually the most ludicrous point about all this is the one supposed fact, 50 million contract from Comedy Central?
    Come on!

  14. Incognito says:

    That’s way too much for one guy to write about a theory. The Theory is B.S too.

    Oprah and Cosby and the wanna be self appointed black leaders meet in a hotel room.

    Come on man.

  15. James Hill says:

    Didn’t know it was 4/1, JCD.


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