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Sega’s at it again with yet another release for the “dead” Dreamcast. With Radiligy already announced for a Feb. 2006 release someone at Sega apparently decided that March 2006 needed a Dreamcast shooter release as well. That game is Under Defeat, a helicopter shooter, which is currently sweeping across Japan’s arcades.

While this appears to be a Japan-only release, we US Dreamcast fans should be able to pick them up as imports or on eBay.

It amazes me what a flop the Dreamcast was in the US. I can go to flea markets and still find old N64 games selling for 25 bucks, while Dreamcast games and peripherals are non-existent. It’s almost as if the console never existed over here.

  1. Chris Swett says:

    I love my Dreamcast, and now I’m glad it’s been modified to play Japanese games!

  2. Luís Camacho says:

    Dreamcast own all your rears! Have said!

  3. Jack Lear says:

    I was just really getting into computers when the Dreamcast dropped and I’ve somehow managed to end up with three.

    one is a linux box, one is “modded” with blue LEDs/custom paint job/brushed steel, and one is stock.

    You can pick up VMUs on ebay for £2-3, the light gun for £5, steering wheel for

  4. BL says:

    Maybe I shouldn’t have thrown my Japanese-region Dreamcast in the garbage???

  5. frank kramer says:

    Maybe we can play it with an emlator?


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