Here is my guess as to where this is headed

CRN | Intel Inside, Computer Chips, Microprocessors | Intel To Unveil New Branding Strategy — Actually here comes this weeks column in PC Magazine! :)

Does anyone see this as part of a co-branding strategy with Apple? As in Apple Core? Get it? Intel should make the official announcment at CES on Tuesday. Meanwhile, you heard it here first.

Intel also is simplifying the “Intel Inside” stickers that first appeared on PCs in 1991 under then CEO-Andy Grove. But the marketing program in which Intel subsidizes PC makers who use Intel chips and stickers will continue, Intel spokesman Bill Calder said.

Intel, based in Santa Clara, also is announcing that its next-generation processors for mobile computers will be called “Core” rather than “Pentium M.” Processors with a single computing engine will be known as “Core Solo,” while chips with two engines will be called “Core Duo.”

Eventually, it’s expected Intel will completely retire the Pentium brand that was introduced in 1993.

The company’s logo will also include a tag line, “Leap ahead.” It’s “a simple expression that declares who we are and what we do,” said Kim, who joined Intel last year from Samsung.

found by Alex Pournelle

  1. Jean du Nord says:

    “Rotten to the Core” leaps to mind.

    Great marketing (for AMD)!

  2. Dave Drews says:

    Will they be “seeding” developers with unrippened (alpha version) cores?

    Will someone with both PCs and Macs with Intel cores (sorry, I can’t write that without chuckling) be considered to have a mixed fruit cocktail?

    Wasn’t there a Mac clone a long time ago called the Banana? Time to resurrect it.

  3. RTaylor says:

    Isn’t a core synonymous with the pits? Wasn’t Yohah suppose to be the instant on chip technology? I thought they where suppose to be combined with flash memory to resume a few seconds after POST.

  4. Mike Voice says:

    Meanwhile, you heard it here first.

    Another prognostication!?

    Trying to get your grining mug on Wired’s site, two years running?? 🙂

    [Nice of Wired to use the mug-shot from your PC Mag column, and not the one from Inside Track.]

  5. Robert Nichols says:

    “Leap Ahead”

    in other words

    “We’re Behind!”

  6. frank kramer says:

    I have an AMD CPU.
    Competition is what keeps the USa the greatest country in the world

  7. Jim W. says:

    what about:

    Leap Ahead – Think Different

    Sounds kind of catchy to me

  8. Ron Martinez says:

    Twelve months from now all of you will own an iPod and a Macintel Media Center. A few of you will be reading Dvorak on your iPhone.

    Time to crawl up on the shore and take a breath!

  9. Smith says:

    Core Solo, Core Duo … so will they call the three engine chip Core Trio or Core Menage a trios?


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