This is supposedly one of the new real logos floating around. You are kidding me, right? Has Intel ever seen the Apple lemmings commercial? And they are going to use this slogan? And as for the typeface for Intel..ugh!

  1. hselpope says:

    LOL … Intel Leap Ahead …
    Go AMD Go ! 🙂

  2. Eideard says:

    I don’t think the font is any big deal — but, the slogan? I worked with Japanese firms for years, back in the 70’s. This is exactly the kind of slogan that worked in Asia — so, everyone would transpose it to the US and Europe and watch it land like an overcooked gnocchi.

    My worst favorite — from Fuji Heavy Industries — was “ever onward”. Like you have a choice?

  3. wariola says:

    like anyone care… me and AMD!!

  4. RTaylor says:

    Intel is one of the worlds most recognized brands. I’m sure a logo helps sell many computers, particularly to the less technical savvy consumer. I can imagine the confusion the confronts a non-technical consumer while shopping for computers at a big box store. They may not have heard of AMD, but they’ve seen that Intel logo. Chances are the Intel boxes are more expensive at retail level, and commissioned sales people have been known to point out, “this is an Intel computer”

  5. Pat says:

    Me and my AMD machines really don’t give a poop.

    It will take more then Intel changing their logo to make me buy another Intel board.

  6. John Schumann says:

    Obviously, this is a prelude to a Chinese buyout. Did not Chairman Mao speak of a Great Leap Forward? Why else would it say “Leap” in the logo?

    Note to FedGirls: I’ve read Chairman Mao’s Little Red Book: Come and get me.

  7. What is really funny here is that now Apple has taken the Lemming Leap to Intel and is going to have to try and undo nearly two decades of marketing that called PC users stupid, lemming-like creatures who live in the dark ages of computing.

    Maybe so but if the MAC Office was so damned much better why is it not the market standard instead of Windows and INTEL.

    I’ve said it before here. If Steve Jobs truly had the balls of a grow’d up man he’d market a boxed version of his “revolutionary” OS X to the billions of INTEL users currently on the planet and then we’ll see who has the best OS. Once and for all.

    But wait, then Apple couldn’t sell over-priced shiny boxes that claimed to be super computers now could they. Because everyone would be running the same OS as Apple’s over-priced, shiny boxes and then what would Apple do… besides sell more iPODs to a trapped iTunes market until that market implodes as well…

    Happy New “Monopoly” Year 🙂

  8. James Hill says:

    Since you’ve found the logo on your own accord, I can confirm that is the new logo. We’ve been implementing it in an Intel OEM product at work.

  9. Joe G. says:

    It doesn’t look much different than their old blue on white lower case intel logo with the ‘e’ dropped below the other letters. It seems more of a step back than a leap ahead? It will never make it on the face plate of a computer I’ll ever own!

  10. Mike Voice says:

    he’d market a boxed version of his “revolutionary” OS X to the billions of INTEL users currently on the planet

    Yeah, and have his support lines clogged with people trying to get “legacy” hardware running? Having everyone clamoring for drivers for all their peripherals? What fun!

    besides sell more iPODs to a trapped iTunes market until that market implodes as well…

    “trapped”?? … until I get enough of a clue to burn the songs to CD, and then re-rip them to any format I want. 🙂

  11. ranron says:

    Intel’s Pentium M is a great product. I have it in my desktop right now and I can still overclock and use other kick @$$ hardware. I’ll stick with Intel for now until I can see AMD is truly a superior product (it is right now) for a year or more.

    To John Schumann: So you think Feds are going to go after you for just reading the Red Book? I have multiple copies of it in Chinese (orginal), English, and electronic versions of each.

  12. Teyecoon says:

    How about : “Intel – plea ahead” or “Intel – load a’heap” or “Intel – heed a’plea” ? Obviously, not as good as “Intel – Idiot Inside” but they do reference AMD’s lawsuit against them. ; )


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