Cold enough for ya? — Anyone bring the ice-scraper? Great photos of the results of an ice storm.

found by Robert Dybas

  1. ECA says:

    Looks like last years pics?

  2. C. Flowers says:

    Does anyone remember that horrendous ice-storm in Montreal back in ’98? This one looks almost as bad as that!!

  3. Andrew says:

    You call that cold?!?!?! Well back when i was a boy if i wanted to get to the
    bathroom i had to walk in 15 feet of snow and it was uphill BOTH ways and these were the days before clothes were invented.

  4. Robert Nichols says:

    Couple moe pics of same.

    I like the boat myself.

  5. J. Cottrell says:

    wasn’t this a mass email forward a few months ago?

  6. Pete says:

    it was a couple of years ago. When a wind storm on Lac Leman flooded everything.
    C. Flowers : I survived that storm in ’98

  7. site admin says:

    Hey I never said this happened last week. It’s just a cool collection sof photos.

  8. Ole says:

    I doubt its switserland because the waves are to big to be a lake because there are no seaside in switserland.

  9. C. Flowers says:

    yeah that was a bad one. I live in Labrador, and we were scared that the storm would spread our way. Thank God it was too cold here for freezing rain…all we got was snow!

  10. Rick Pali says:

    Freezing rain (or spray) means it’s just a bit below freezing. Robert must be from California or something…

  11. A quibble — this ice most probably came from water being blown off the lake. Note the picture of the camper buried in ice, with a practically untouched building right behind it in shot. And many of the cars clearly have more ice on the lake-side.

  12. TomDenD says:

    In the first few years when I started working at Smithland Locks and Dam the contractor would drive out on the dam. We asked and he said we could drive out there if we liked.
    It is closed off now.
    On a few occasions in the winter months when the wind blew out of the north the water would hit the dam and fly over my car which was parked out there. It was a quarter mile away via the bigger part of the dam so moving it was out of the question until my shift was over.
    On those occasions my car would look like the photo above except that it had a chocolate color from the soil in the water.
    It was strange driving home because my car was the only one on the road covered in ice.

  13. Pat says:


    I take it you don’t live near any larger lakes. Trust me, you get a good wind, say above 40 mph and the spray will travel a couple of hundred feet inland. If you look at the icicles hanging from the trees, you will see they are angled from the wind. Being fresh water, It will freeze as soon as it hits anything below freezing temperature.

    And no, this ice is not something you would put in your drink. It carries all the bacteria and pollution that you would get from simply drinking the water. Plus all the stirred up sediment which probably has its own load of heavy metals.

  14. Pete says:

    this is not from a rain storm, notice how only the lower half of the trees are covered in ice.


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