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How do you make Garfield amusing? Cut his lines.

A fellow called MackJ posted a thesis over on the Truth and Beauty Bombs forum a week and a half ago. You see, it was his belief that Garfield would be funnier — or at the very least, wouldn’t suck so much — if all of Garfield’s dialogue were cut out of the strip. And he posted a number of examples — the art unchanged, Jon’s dialogue untouched, but Garfield’s thought balloons excised.

And he was right. It was significantly funnier. It was oddly surreal in places. Darker in others. Solitude and loneliness have driven Jon ’round the bend — and the strip takes on an antihumor dimension.

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  1. jasontheodd says:

    Does anybody over age nine read Garfield???

  2. NumLock says:

    It is still in the funny pages, so somebody has to be reading it.

  3. jasontheodd says:

    I suppose they just take polls to see what gets in the funny pages, parents probably just ask their kids. Till the “Far Side” comes back you can have them all anyway. I suppose I should have filled out one of those surveys…..

  4. Scott Gant says:

    Well, considering that I’ve read Doonesbury, Steve, for over 30 years now, and I’m considered an “old person”…what does that make me?

    I really miss the Far Side though.

  5. chad says:

    “Think about this, actual good comics that make you think e.g., boondocks and Doonesbury, are not even included in the comics section in most papers. They’re too controversial. Who hates controversy? Old people.”


    People don’t read comics to think. That’s what we have editorials and hard news pieces. People read comics for the same reason that people (normal people) go to see a movie… to escape. Doonesbury and boondocks aren’t included in the comics in most papers because, wait wait, this is deep thinking here…. They’re NOT funny.

    People want their comics to be entertaining, not tell them how or what to think.

  6. Mr. Fusion says:

    Agreed, Far Side is the best cartoon ever created.

    My second place vote goes to Herman.

  7. moss says:

    Actually, chad, I think lots of Americans are accustomed to being told how to think. Comics are just part of the process. YOU may think Doonesbury ain’t funny. Sunday mornings, I save it for last — folding the comics section so I can sneak up on it. A healthier pursuit than a lot of other Sunday morning activities.

    Looking at the absurd side of the crooks and politicans running our nation is a difficult task. Lots of folks appreciate the laugh. But, then, there’s nothing new about political humor expressed in cartoons or on stage. Nothing new about those who disapprove either.

  8. Jason says:


    You’re seriously getting worked up over this Garfield thing, eh?

    Now that’s funny!!

  9. LOL Steve, I think many web comics are better but implying that only the old hate controversy and that the young are more mentally ready for change is ignorant.

    There are as many stubborn and set in their way 18 year olds as there are 80 year olds, but the 80 year olds are usually that way because of experience. The 18 year old is that way from ignorance.

  10. Michael Persons says:

    Those were hilarious. Reminded me a bit of the “Red Meat” cartoons from theonion.com. Whoda thunk there was something funny hidden in Garfield???

  11. NumLock says:

    Now Steve, did you at least check out how much better Garfield is when he doesn’t have any dialogue?

  12. Pat says:


    I am in the exact same frame as you. With the exception that my wife has this religious thing for “Survivor”. I know, but what can a guy do, she is a good woman.

  13. Andrew says:

    every strip is either garfield
    1. hating mondays
    2. kicking odie
    3. making fun of jon when he is trying to get some loving
    4. eating

    wash rinse and repeat

  14. estacado says:

    I see Garfield as the equivalent of sitcoms that use laughing tracks to get people to think it’s funny.

  15. Silver says:

    Hey guys-
    I’m twelve, still read Garfield, still think he’s funny, absolutely love the Far Side, agree with the political statements on comic readers, and am protesting that garfield also does do other things then kick odie, etc. He squishes spiders. HA! Now hows that for a bit of pathetic justice? And I would like to inquire why you old farts arent out enjoying the sunshne? (ever single kid speaking english has always wanted to make that retort. Have you ANY idea how many billions of times we’ve heard that comment? Create an original sentence, aready!) Anywho, this has been a fun rant and I hope you’ve learned something. But I won’t be bothered if you havent. Makes no change to me. cya!
    (oh, and by the way, dont try to email back-you wouldnt want to confuse the poor guy who actually owns that address!)lol


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