Internet TV
“The japanese gameshow clip, again?”

From the moment in which television can be transformed from a top-down medium, where few “players” decide and determine what everyone else can select to see to an open medium where everyone has the right and ability to contribute her video-based content, television is doomed to be transformed for good. That historical moment may be getting one definite step closer today, with the upcoming launch of Democracy Player, the final component of an open video access and publishing platform that truly allows anyone (on Macs and PCs) to view, vote, subscribe, show, share, publish and distribute video-based content online at no cost at all. –Robin Good

I don’t know about historical but it is another way to waste time on the internet.

  1. stew says:

    “transformed for good”. We are talking television? I might be wrong but I am thinking porn.

  2. jasontheodd says:

    yep, porn. Sadly I must agree….

  3. Alan Houser says:

    The I’s have it.
    Honey… The kids say they want to watch the porn tonight.

  4. David Sim says:

    Based on this (admittedly small) sample: Why do all Dvorak readers think about porn all the time?

    Myself excluded, I hasten to add.


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