Farfrompoopen Road, the only road to Constipation Ridge, lost to Divorce Court and Psycho Path, which placed No. 1 in an online poll of the nation’s wildest, weirdest and wackiest street names.

The complete top 10 list included:

10. Tater Peeler Road in Lebanon, Texas
9. The intersection of Count and Basie in Richmond, Va.
8. Shades of Death Road in Warren County, N.J.
7. Unexpected Road in Buena, N.J.
6. Bucket of Blood Street in Holbrook, Ariz.
5. The intersection of Clinton and Fidelity in Houston
4. The intersection of Lonesome and Hardup in Albany, Ga.
3. Farfrompoopen Road in Tennessee (the only road up to Constipation Ridge)
2. Divorce Court in Heather Highlands, Pa.
1. Psycho Path in Traverse City, Mich.

Still, I can’t help but think we can do better than some of these. Anybody got a personal favorite from their own neck of the woods?

My personal favorite from ’round ch’eer is not a street, but a county.. Butts County.

Folks who grew up in Butts County have heard all the jokes. Like how they’re not backward, just a little behind. Or how people always crack a smile in Butts County.

But I prefer this take:

“If you don’t like Butts County, take your butt and move out,” said Anne Smith.

  1. Thomas says:

    The ones you listed are funnier than the ones I’ve encountered by far. The funniest I’ve encountered are:

    Tank Farm Road in San Luis Obispo
    Burnt Church Road in southern Maryland

  2. Eideard says:

    My 2 usual streets into Santa Fe are Agua Fria, where I pass Corte Court — which means court court — or I go in partway on Rufina Road and pass Lois Lane.

  3. natefrog says:

    My favorite would have to be:

    69th and Cuming in Omaha, NE

    I hear the street signs at that corner get stolen quite frequently…

  4. Patrick marks says:

    While not too great, my favourite in RI are:
    Jim’s way
    urban lane (it’s a dirt path)

  5. Here in the Detroit Metro (specifically Troy, MI):

    Interstate 75’s exit number 69 is for Big Beaver Road

  6. rus62 says:

    There is a Horneytown, NC in Forsyth County and Climax, NC in the adjacent county of Guilford. There is even a Horneytown Road in Horneytown but most people call it highway 66 and others add a few numbers to it.

  7. david says:

    In Manhattan, there’s a street in Greenwich Village named Gay Street, but, actually it is pretty safe. It’s Christopher Street you have to watch out for (unless you’re cruising).

  8. Jenny says:

    And in Lake Jackson, Texas, we have This Way, That Way. Circle Way and Winding way encircle the intersection of This Way and That Way.
    Center Way is nearby….

  9. Mr Fusion says:

    There is a place called Constipation Ridge ? No shit you say !!!

  10. Harold says:

    In Columbia Maryland a developer’s error while filing plans with the county turned the planned Satinwood Drive into Satanwoood drive. 30 years later the residents petitioned the county for a name change and received it.

  11. Ray Trygstad says:

    I personally like the names of two roads in Virginia Beach, Virginia: Pleasure House Road (I could never see myself telling folks I lived on Pleasure House Road…) and Witch Duck Road. It may not be obvious where Witch Duck came from, but where this road ends at the shore is where they used to “duck witches”. As defined by Earl Russel speaking in the House of Lords (U.K. Parliment) in 2000, in witch ducking they would “…throw the witch into the water. The innocent witch was received by the holy element, and thus sank. The guilty witch was not received by the water, and thus floated.” (Yes, just like in Monty Python’s Holy Grail. But probably not funny at all to the women being actually ducked…). I also am personally fond of Trigstad Road in Palo, Minnesota, but I do wish there had still been someone living there who know how to spell my great-grandfather’s name.

  12. Doug says:

    How about the intersection of Gay St. and Queens Dr. in Longmont Colorado. It fits for someone I know who lives there.

  13. david says:

    Doug, what’s that “someone’s” closet look like?

  14. Arnold J. Rimmer says:

    Here in Metropolis, IL (Home of Superman — really! See http://www.metropolischamber.com/ ) we have a street named:


  15. Zoe Reichsman says:

    I know a road in Marlboro, VT called Cowpath Forty. The sign gets stolen all the time.

  16. Anne Granwell says:

    Used to live near Surprise, New York (zipcode 12176).


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