Bosnian police who were hunting a ‘professional’ burglar have discovered she’s an 11-year-old schoolgirl. The youngster had been sneaking out at night to raid local homes in Ljubinje after her parents went to sleep.

And this final part could never happen in America!

Daily newspaper 24 Sata reported a policeman saying the girl will not face charges because she is a minor.

  1. Gwendle says:

    Just like the drug dealers that use kids in that age range to peddle their wares. Not a shock in the least.

  2. Jeff Anderson says:

    “And this final part could never happen in America!”

    I know very little about Bosnia, but maybe thats because parenting still works in Bosnia without government intervention.

  3. Tallwookie says:

    gah… children will never learn how to interact in a soceity that treats them with “mittens on” – granted, there are moral and ethical reasons for not throwing the book at an 11 yr old kid (boy or girl, dun matter), but the cold hard truth is that she is a thief.

    As such, I’d send her to 6 months of Juvinile Detention (juvee) – preferably one of the really dirty and nasty ones. A civilized society cannot tolerate deviations from the norm.

  4. DE says:

    Children should learn how to interact in a society from their parents, not the police, who are not the saints we’d like them to be. Sometimes people just need a warning, have you ever been pulled over for speeding? The law is not black and white, it never has been. Parenting is a black and white, your parents teach you how to act in our society.

  5. Dan says:

    WoW! I think this girl has a promising career ahead of her. Next thing you know she will be running for congress here in the unitedstates.

  6. Johnny says:

    she leared her tried from our politicians

  7. david says:

    That eleven-year-old girl has the right motivation (and risk-taking) that the Market envies. She has just not yet gathered enough knowledge to do it legally like the corporate thieves in American companies and government do. They don’t go to jail either.

  8. James Hill says:

    Maybe this thread should be linked with the kids-in-cages thread.

  9. Tallwookie says:

    yeah I second james’s motion

  10. Mr. Fusion says:

    Good comment James. I liked that.

  11. robroydude says:

    The law in Canada would be the same – under 12 – no charges can be filed even for murder.
    Under 18 never can be charged as an adult even if they turn 18 after the crime and the longest you can be in Juvinile Detention is to 21 – again this is for any crime.
    So if you’re young (under 18) and what a get out of jail free card for murder and rape come on up to Canada.

  12. Mike Abundo says:

    Japanese girls are so precocious! They even have 11-year-olds with D-cups!

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