We’ve discussed the Skype/Intel deal before. Basically, if you use a non-Intel CPU in your system Skype gives you less features with its service.

News.com – February 28, 2006:

As part of its ongoing antitrust case against Intel, Advanced Micro Devices on Tuesday served Skype with a subpoena demanding documents related to its deal to make one feature in Skype 2.0 available exclusively to Intel users.

AMD is now focusing on a feature in Skype 2.0 that enables the ability to make 10-person conference calls only with Intel dual-core processors. Users with AMD dual-core chips or single-core chips are restricted to hosting five-person conference calls because only Intel’s chips offer the performance necessary to host the 10-way call, according to Skype.

AMD disagrees. It believes Intel has provided Skype with incentives to limit the feature to Intel’s chips, said Chuck Diamond, a partner with O’Melveny & Myers and lead counsel in AMD’s antitrust suit against Intel. Intel has denied doing so, but even if no financial incentives were included in the deal, as a company with dominant market share, Intel is subject to different rules, he said.

“The law requires a monopolist to compete on the merits. This is not competition on the merits,” Diamond said.

  1. Dan Collins says:

    I’m sure things would much better if we only had Intel chips available, yeah right.When are these a-holes going to realize competition is good for everybody.As my grandmother used to say “what does not kill you makes you better”.Intel should wise up and support competition its not like their business has to many companies in it.Microsoft helped out Apple when they were down and look what happened.They came out with newly designed P.C.s and practically invented the legal downloading of music .As a result Apple made the pie bigger for everybody.

  2. site admin says:

    YOuhave to remember the long history of litigation between these two companies mostly started by Intel. This appears to be payback. It will continue.

  3. Mr. Fusion says:


    True, I use AMD in my computers here at home. The large manufactures though don’t. You can’t get a Dell without an Intel. You’ll find most HPs come with an Intel.

    In fact, that is part of the basis of AMDs suit against Intel. The manufacturers are forced/bribed to use only Intel chips to the detriment of AMD.

    All I can say is let the best chip win. In my opinion that would be AMD.

  4. ray says:

    Great, what’s next? Nvidia getting sued by ATI because they have a game optimized that the other doesn’t because of a deal?


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