Web User – March 6, 2006:

Web users now have almost 76 million sites to choose from, yet most only visit six on a regular basis, it was revealed today.

The research, published today by Directgov, points to a new era in the use of the internet that experts are calling the ‘Supersite’ phenomenon. The study found that half of internet-using Britons (51 per cent) visit just six or less sites on a regular basis.

Mmmm… there’s John’s PC Magazine column, his Inside Track column, his Second Opinion column, his blog, of course, and there’s the occasional TWIT broadcast. Can someone explain to me why the world needs more than five sites?!

  1. Puttanun says:

    Don’t forget Cranky Geeks.

  2. muChiey says:


  3. David says:

    I’m afraid of spyware.
    Best to be safe and stay with the tried and true.

    Reminds me of my long gone grandpa, only ate at one restaurant most of his life. Never got sick there and the fish and chips were cheap and good.

  4. Babaganoosh says:

    I regularly look at at least 12. w00t!

  5. John Ralls says:

    Speaking of the column and Inside Track, those dropped off of my regular sites today. The new format of two paragraphs per page (presumably to let Adblock block more ads) makes it too slow and annoying to read (Yes, I have broadband. 3Mbps, in fact. It’s waiting for all of the servers to finish the page which takes 4-5 seconds to load.)

  6. BOB G says:


  7. The only site you should visit on a daily basis is DVORAK.ORG ie ! 🙂

  8. David:
    you need to download anti spy ware software
    I have a load of freeware sites that I tested on http://www.TCF.NET/software.html

  9. I get a dozen from my RSS feeds alone. If you consider the fact that ComicAlert.com and the GMail feed act as aggregators (for e-mail alerts in the case of GMail), then the number jumps up to over three dozen.

    I can throw in another half dozen if I include RSS-deficient sites like certain forums.

  10. david says:

    Too much choice makes one go back to simplicity. In the supermarket I can’t buy simple orange juice without a PhD in juice nutrition. There’s Homestyle, A Lot of Pulp, With Calcium, With Vitamin D, Mixed Orange Juice with Banana, New and Improved Taste Orange Juice, From Concentrate, Not From Concentrate, Florida Squeezed, Organic Orange Juice, Frozen Orange Juice…

    Myself, I basically just go the NYTimes, Dvorak Blog and Eharmony websites. And occasionally some others. The only time when I really navigate the web is to look for good reality porn or to research a question I have.

  11. Pat says:

    I agree with david. The sites I visit regularly are secure and straight. They are also comfortable.

    And I usually buy the frozen concentrate and mix it myself. I’m used to the taste.


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