In a perfect world, with Bush’s polls in the toilet and the country realizing he, the religious right and the fascistic neocons took them for a ride, any normal, sane opposition would be working like crazy to capitalize on all of this. Instead, we live in this world where we’ve got these guys.

The Three Stooges – Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Howard Dean

According to the latest CBS News poll, George W. Bush’s approval rating hit a personal worst of 34 percent in February, making him the most unpopular president since Nixon during Watergate. Thanks to the Abramoff scandal, confidence in the Republican-run Congress is only two points higher. Such numbers naturally provoke Democratic fantasies about doing in 2006 what Republicans did in 1994, taking both houses in a historic sweep. Conditions seem ripe in many ways. But Democrats do not have a charismatic schemer like Newt Gingrich to lead the way. Instead, they have Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Howard Dean.

Since assuming their positions, the three of them have shown themselves to be somewhere between useless and disastrous as party leaders. Individually, they lack substance and policy smarts (Pelosi); coherence and force (Reid); and steadiness and mainstream appeal (Dean). Collectively, they convey an image of liberal elitism, disarray, and crabbiness.

  1. Me says:

    I think this is great. Seeing the Dems fall apart like this is something that gives me hope that we may still have a future coming that’s worth living in.

  2. ‘The Religious Right’? How about the ‘Religious Left’ who bow to Islamic extremists and micromanage everything they can get their hands on?

  3. Carl S. says:

    Even if that article was believable. The GOP is too full of callous crooks too go on. And the Dems ain’t falling apart they haven’t congealed.

    And a future worth living in did you mean a 1984 type of thing or something more Emperial.

  4. david says:

    Democrats have to tell the truth:

    (1) They don’t believe in God
    (2) They believe in solutions that benefit the whole, which include the poor, the rich, the powerful and the powerless. This means that the better-off give up more because they have more.
    (3) They follow and respect the constitution.
    (4) They admit they are elite, but that there is nothing wrong with that and will help anyone who wishes to attain higher levels of consciousness by valuing education and spirtual growth.
    (5) They would adopt Buddhism as their spiritual belief and act according to its values.

    The main obstacle would be the abortion issue. The democrats should send the Relgious Right a challenge and a promise. That would be this: If the Religious Right could prove over, let’s say, ten years that NO Christian women are no longer having abortions then the non-Christian woman would have to meet that challenge too within the next ten years. After those two trial runs, in twenty years, the law can be written to reflect reality.

  5. J. Cottrell says:

    “bows to islamic extremists”? hmmm. you’re right, maybe we should take the fight to them, cuz that’s working so well….

  6. James Hill says:

    Saying “The Religious Left” is like saying the same thing twice. To many, liberalism is their religion.

    Nevertheless, the bigger story around this is that a new for-profit fund raising group has been created by the Clinton wing of the party. The reason? They refuse to work with Dean anymore, and believe his money management skills are killing the party.

  7. gquaglia says:

    Thats been the democrats problem for years. Fielding candiates like Al Gore and John Kerry, who couldn’t get any votes except on the liberal east and left coasts. Wacko spokemen, like Howard Dean. Hate mongers who will put their own political interests over those of the country, Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton. And Hary Reid, who’s a Mormon (maybe Moron), enough said about that. And when you have a mainstream dem, who have support on both sides of the isle, Joel Liberman, you shun him because he doesn’t buy into the shear hate of the other side that is prevelent in the Democratic party. Until the Dems get their head out of their asses, stop kissing up to Hollywood morons and tell George Soros to stick his money up his ass, then they will never win.

  8. Babaganoosh says:

    It seems likely that the ’08 election will be between a giant douche and a turd sandwich, as per usual. It’s a shame really. If the Democratic party could get their shit together they could do quite well.

  9. Smith says:

    Actually, it’s not good for the country to have the Democratic Party in such inept shape. Given the gross erosion of individual rights, the rise of the tyrannical TSA, and the poor handling of emigration issues … then throw in the preferential treatment of corporations over the rights of individuals (RIAA) … and I would really appreciate a choice between two good candidates. Not the lesser of two evils.

    I look at those fools leading the Dems, and Hillary appears almost presidential. And I hate that woman! (Ahh, Lieberman … why is your kind of Democrat a dying breed?)

  10. moss says:

    Pay really close attention to Joe Lieberman some time — if you can stay awake — and you’ll discover he’s [1] an old-fashioned Republican who grew up in a liberal Democrat state — ergo, like any opportunist pol, he’s a Dem — and [2] if you can stay awake, he’s really boring. He’s had fewer original, inspiring ideas than John Kerry. And he’s officially boring.

  11. KG says:

    the first step to win in 2008 is to dump these three as party leaders

  12. Chris Vaughn says:

    I love these guys! They make for great fodder and fun, are a heck of Big Three Trio, and have to be the trifecta(?) of phony empowerment and emotion.

    I hope they stay in office for years! It will do more to undo the Democratic Party than Al Gore creating the Origami that was just released or Al Franken ranting and being turned off in NY.

    On another thought of a previous post. It has been proven statistically that the Democratic Party is slowly losing it’s voting base of future voters due to abortion. It’s so ironic that the HINGE platform of death (literally and figuratively) for the Democratic Party will be the consequences of abortion to their future voters. They can’t vote if they aren’t born.

    Chris Vaughn

  13. Mike Voice says:

    It’s so ironic that the HINGE platform of death (literally and figuratively) for the Democratic Party will be the consequences of abortion to their future voters. They can’t vote if they aren’t born.

    The majority of [all??] aborted fetuses would have grown-up to be Democrats ??

    So if abortion is banned, the Republicans would eventually be in the minority ??

  14. Sounds The Alarm says:

    You know I always call him duhbya, but he is certainly a man blessed by the abilities of the opposition.

  15. Greg says:

    Sometimes I think Dave Drews hates me :)

    I’m not about to get into this discussion and have another round of banging my head against the keyboard. I did that enough in the Hillary one.

  16. Sounds The Alarm says:

    So Chris, let me guess. You must be a fundamentalist right?

    You know a lot more civilian people have been killed in Iraq than babies aborted in the last 10 years. That must be that neocon “culture of life” you believe in. Of course the people being killed in Iraq are A-rabs so they don’t count, right?

  17. Culture of Laugh says:

    Sounds, which of the three lib leaders did you get your talking point from? There have been 13 million abortions in the United States over the past 10 years. Every life destroyed in Iraq is horrible, but there have not nearly been that many. Can’t you do more than confuse the issue, call names and insult?

  18. Babaganoosh says:

    Ack, no more about Lieberman. I lost all respect for him several years ago when I heard him say something like, “It is impossible for anybody raised without religion to be a good and moral person.”

  19. Mister Mustard says:

    >>Hate mongers who will put their own political interests over those of
    >>the country,

    This is what you think of DEMOCRATS? What’s your opinion on Republicans? Satanic neonazis who would sell their mothers into slavery to make a buck, or to be able to control other people’s lives?

    Good gosh, man! I thought your quote was the DEFINITION of a Republican.

  20. Chris Vaughn says:

    By gosh I love the forums here. Full of knowledgeage and ignorant at the same time.

    For Culture of Laugh:
    Great comment and rebuttal to Sound The Alarm’s comment. There isn’t a comparison of deaths to abortions, but since most people will never actually check stats they induced to making false claims. (Actually 54.5% of quoted statistics are false…. and that one is too!)

    In the US according to the CDC, there are on average 1 to 1.5 million abortions every year (Approximately 1,370,000 abortions occur annually in the U.S. according to the Alan Guttmacher Institute); and has been since about 1973. If you add that average out over 10 years that is 11 to 14 million abortions. I agree with you Culture of Laugh – there is no way there has been that many deaths in Iraq, unless you factor in Saddam and his reign and possibly. Great comments and challenge to someone’s throwing of wordy grenades that have no depth.

    For Sounds The Alarm:
    Having done talk radio years back, I’m still bewildered by someone who calls you names, attacks, and then spews out foolish nonsense without factual basis.

    You can call me fundamentalist right or whatever. My father taught me well – if I know what I believe I will neither be condemned by someone else as long as my beliefs are upon fact, and I want be critical of others and what they believe. I in fact, vote more libertarian, and actually ran for office on the libertarian ticket. It seems that since I quoted facts (the studies on the Democratic voter base being affected by their belief in abortion), you consider that I don’t have as much compassion for the plight of the Arab population and Arab countries.

    I actually have very little compassion for people like you, who condescend upon other people because of their beliefs. Evidently you must be a liberal leftist, since you act like Pelosi, Reid, & Dean? They don’t like people with hard facts either.

    BTW, Sounds The Alarm, thanks for the compliment, and showing your true colors.

    Chris Vaughn